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Chalk Talk: Park ranger brings beard and much more to classroom
12-14-2023 11:21 AM


The moment he steps into the classroom, his beard attracts attention. It couldn’t be otherwise, really, given the length, depth and visibility of it.Even the shyest students are intrigued, as they pepper him with questions such as how long it has...

Betty Ussach-Schwartz: The golden age of hypocrisy 
11-24-2023 6:00 AM

Historians analyzing and writing about the first quarter of the 21st century of the United States should deem it the Golden Age of Hypocrisy. And nothing so clearly falls into this category as how surviving war veterans are denied the services,...

DA Sullivan presses for legal drug-use sites at State House hearing, saying need has never been more urgent
10-24-2023 6:00 PM


BOSTON — Stressing that legal drug consumption sites would save hundreds of lives and that there isn’t a moment to waste, Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan implored lawmakers on Monday to muster up the courage to pass legislation before...

Forever preserved: More than 1,000 acres of wild and working land in Southampton, Westhampton, Montgomery to be protected
10-20-2023 5:21 PM


SOUTHAMPTON — When Ed and Mary Hamel first bought their 80-acre property — now home to Glendale Ridge Vineyard — more than 30 years ago, the two expected to develop the land, even acquiring an approval to construct a bank.But with expansive rolling...

Rash of car break-ins reported in Westhampton, Southampton, Easthampton
10-19-2023 2:45 PM


Police are urging residents to lock their car doors following a string of recent car break-ins in Westhampton, Southampton and Easthampton.Just after midnight on Sunday going into Monday, Westhampton saw four car break-ins at one address, along with...

Around the Hamptons: Southampton eyes vehicle storage bylaw; Easthampton School Committee candidates forum; flu clinics in Easthampton, Westhampton
10-16-2023 12:04 PM


SOUTHAMPTON — A proposed new bylaw would prohibit property owners from storing more than one unregistered vehicle or trailer on their property, with certain exceptions.The bylaw aims to regulate the storage of unregistered vehicles and “simultaneously...

Dearth of dispatchers forces Southampton to seek help from Easthampton
10-15-2023 2:00 PM


SOUTHAMPTON — As Southampton’s dispatch services transfer to Easthampton’s Public Safety Communications Center, residents who enter the lobby of the Southampton Police Station will notice a few changes, namely a lack of in-person staff at times.Due to...

William Aherin: Self-important activists must respect the rights of others
09-19-2023 1:50 PM

For a while now, the average American has been bullied by and endured the reckless accusations of so-called “social justice warriors” — accused of many things including offenses related to gender, race, abortion, climate and violence with a feeling...

Guest columnist Jim Palermo: A safer world for euphemisms
09-08-2023 5:00 PM


We are not doing our kids any favors by raising them to be too hyper-sensitive to flourish in a very cruel and hostile environment. The truth is that while we can coerce people to behave in a certain way, we cannot coerce people into believing as we...

Paul Diemand: Businesses will pay the price for Main Street redesign
08-21-2023 3:46 PM

Having worked at and owned a retail business for 42 years in Northampton (36 on Main Street ), I respectfully disagree with the mayor, Planning Department and recent columnist on their “vision” of Main Street going forward. Certainly much can be done...

Around the Hamptons: Green initiative supports local nonprofits in Hilltown region
08-20-2023 3:00 PM


WESTHAMPTON — A New York-based solar power producer has launched a philanthropic “Green Initiative” to support environmental conservation efforts and local nonprofit organizations, including several in the Hilltown region.The solar producer, Changing...

Officials gear up for another run at new Southampton police-fire station
08-17-2023 6:16 PM


SOUTHAMPTON — With $35,000 secured in the state budget to help pay for a feasibility study, the town is moving forward with planning for a new public safety complex to replace the police and fire stations, an effort that has been ongoing for...

Southampton couple claim DCF denied foster care license over religious beliefs about gender, sexuality
08-16-2023 12:15 AM


NORTHAMPTON — A Southampton couple who say they were rejected as prospective foster parents because of their religious views on homosexuality and gender identity are suing a dozen representatives of the state Department of Children and...

Elaine Buckley: The frog in the pot
08-10-2023 2:15 PM

Time is ticking on our heating planet; yet we seem slow in addressing the problem. The economic competitiveness of capitalism with each nation deciding its own energy policy seems not a strong enough answer to global warming which requires an...

Betty Ussach-Schwartz: Trump prefers jury of millions
08-01-2023 3:42 PM

Trump’s strategy is to evade convictions on his most serious indictments by postponing his trials until after the 2024 election. Preferring that millions of voters act as the jurors, he is convinced that he will be elected and can then postpone the...

Neil Jones: Needlesss tree removal
07-31-2023 4:38 PM

On Saturday I walked down Union Street in Easthampton. The sight of only tar, concrete, brick, telephone poles and wires is shocking. Additionally, with higher temperatures …. Was this really necessary ? Of course not.Count the trees that have been...

Southampton’s Michael Rejniak after more than just wins in 2023 TBT with We Are D3
07-18-2023 4:52 PM


Stubbornness, in part, drives Southampton’s Michael Rejniak in The Basketball Tournament. He’s entering the We Are D3 team in the 2023 edition for the fifth time since 2018. The program is 0-4, losing tight contests to a UCLA alumni team in 2018, a...

Barry LaFlam: President should refund student debt paid, also?
07-13-2023 3:37 PM

I read Ian Rhodewalt’s guest column about student debt with great interest [“Student debt: It doesn’t have to be this way,” Gazette, July 8].He calls upon President Joe Biden to immediately cancel all federally held student debt. He does neglect to...

Guest columnist Jim Palermo: Have we lost tolerance for dissent?
06-30-2023 2:55 PM


It was shocking to learn when doing research for this column that it was not Voltaire who said something like, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it.” (Bartlett be damned.) It appears the adage may have been...

Posts on transgender athletes sink Faginski-Stark’s candidacy for top post at Hampshire Regional schools
06-25-2023 5:51 PM


WESTHAMPTON — During an emotional virtual meeting Thursday night, the leading candidate for an assistant superintendent job at Hampshire Regional School District apologized for controversial Facebook posts about transgender athletes that emerged when...

Displaying articles 21 to 40 out of 90 total.

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