Guest columnist Jonathan Kahane: Bragging is just so gauche

07-13-2024 9:46 PM


 I don’t like braggarts. I seem to find myself in their company more and more these days. It makes me feel quite uncomfortable, whether I’m in their midst or simply reading about them in a book or journal, or even listening to them drone on during...

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Emily Soltanoff: Column ‘spot-on’

07-13-2024 9:41 PM

Thank you, Karen Gardner, for your spot-on and delightful piece, “A Ray of Light Amid Dark Developments,” [Gazette, July 10]. It was so engaging that I think you may have reached the ears, hearts, and minds of some who may not have been paying...

Kirsten Taranto: Appreciated though-provoking column on Biden

07-13-2024 9:41 PM

I wanted to send a word of praise for publishing Ian Rhodewalt’s excellent column “Biden should resign over role in genocide,” [July 10]. We have been subscribers to the newspaper since moving here four years ago. Even though the Gazette is probably...

Emmett Barcalow: Focus on what Biden and Trump have done while president

07-13-2024 9:41 PM

Most of the mass media’s coverage of the presidential campaign seems to be laser focused on Joe Biden’s capacity to perform well in debates and interviews, given his age. (Although Trump is only three years younger than Biden.) As usual, the mass...

Columnist Bill Newman: The fireflies of July

07-13-2024 7:01 AM


From my Gazette column of August 1996 I miss the fireflies of July. A secret galaxy born from the still, overflowed waters of the Connecticut, they dance up the hillsides that surround the Meadows of Northampton into the night sky. For years we have...

Guest columnist Terrence McCarthy: Memories made in Easthampton

07-12-2024 4:07 PM


 I’m proud to be able to boast I am a product of the mill town in which I grew up. The man I am now was made in Easthampton. Not unlike what was manufactured in the red brick-walled factories in which my mother and father toiled back in the 1950s and...

John Connolly: Kudos for perspectives on Russian invasion, state’s power play

07-12-2024 4:06 PM

Kudos to both John Sinton and David DiDonato for their recent opinions in the Gazette, the former rejecting the idea that Russia is not in the wrong with its invasion of Ukraine and the latter about how eastern Massachusetts wants our “forests,...

Maureen Groden: Support state representative candidate Bridget Matthews-Kane

07-12-2024 4:06 PM

Thank you for covering the 4th Hampden District state representative race between incumbent Kelly Pease and challenger, City Councilor Bridget Matthews-Kane. Southampton was re-districted after the 2020 census to be represented along with most of...

Olin Rose-Bardawil: Control of the river highlights risks in harnessing green power

07-12-2024 9:01 AM


For many, the natural beauty of western Massachusetts is a cornerstone of what makes this region so special. For me, the area’s wild places help to shape its distinct regional identity.Yet as Raymond DiDonato clearly conveyed in a recent guest column,...

Iyko Day: Zionism in 3D

07-11-2024 8:05 PM

I would like to respond to J.M. Sorrell’s column “Zionism for Real” [July 3], which accuses anti-Zionists of antisemitism. Underlying her conflation of Zionism with antisemitism is a commitment to seeing Zionism in only one dimension: as a morally...

Tom Riddell: Community support for Northampton schools

07-11-2024 8:05 PM

On July 4, Gazette reporter Alexander MacDougall wrote about the final approval of the Northampton Public Schools budget, which he described as “putting an end to a long debate over the city’s schools — for now anyway.” He’s got that right. The fiscal...

James Maiewski: Full speed ahead

07-11-2024 8:05 PM

It appears that some people’s concept of common sense is at variance to my own. If you can suspend your disbelief, imagine all automobiles traveling in the Central Business District under 15 mph.At this speed, simple roundels could replace traffic...

Craig Barringer: Jones Library — There are other opinions

07-11-2024 8:05 PM

The recent column concerning the Jones Library debate [“Why trustees are seeking to rebid Jones project,” June 21] was very helpful in that it made clear the trustees’ position: It’s not about the building, it’s about our opinion, namely that the...

Vicki Elson: What's even more important than the next president?

07-10-2024 6:00 PM

As I write, my NuclearBan.US colleagues are sweltering in Washington, D.C., urging members of Congress to remember that no matter who is president, we must do much more, right now, to address the twin existential threats of climate and nuclear...

Ray Ahearn: Republican extremism at root of gridlock

07-10-2024 6:00 PM

I read Joe Gannon’s July 4 column [“Broken political infrastructure on display”] with considerable empathy. While I share his pain traveling up and down I-95, I have to say that help is on the way for improving our physical infrastructure.The vastly...

Jeff Clark: We need energy permitting reform

07-10-2024 6:00 PM

The article “Energy bill doesn’t address siting fears” by Scott Merzbach in the Gazette’s July 6 edition does not accurately state the positive aspects of the governor and Legislature’s effort to reform the permitting process for renewable energy and...

Carmen Aliber: Freedom from coercive control

07-10-2024 6:00 PM

Last week as America celebrated its independence, so too did thousands of Massachusetts domestic abuse survivors. Thanks to the unanimous, bipartisan support of our state legislators, the passage of H 4744, An Act to Prevent Abuse and Exploitation,...

Guest columnist Karen Gardner: A ray of light amid dark developments

07-09-2024 7:08 PM


I decided to give poor Rod Serling a break this month, since I don’t think he can cope with all my real-world issues and woes. But then I realized that I can’t cope either and what I need is to talk with a psychiatrist, and not just any psychiatrist....

Marianne Banks: A momentous and memorable photograph

07-09-2024 3:00 PM

Occasionally there’s a photo in the Gazette that captures something really momentous. Last week there was a photo of the July 4 swearing-in of our newest American citizens [“‘Like a dream come true,’” Gazette, July 5]. Mere days earlier, certain...

Donna Wiley: Is a drive-through-only coffee shop really the best option available?

07-09-2024 3:00 PM

I winced when I read the article about the new drive-thru-only coffee shop proposed for Hadley [“Drive-thru coffee shop pitched for front of mall,” Gazette, July 8].Every time I pass the Starbucks on North King Street in Northampton, I think, “Why is...

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