William Aherin: Self-important activists must respect the rights of others

Published: 09-19-2023 1:50 PM

For a while now, the average American has been bullied by and endured the reckless accusations of so-called “social justice warriors” — accused of many things including offenses related to gender, race, abortion, climate and violence with a feeling they control both narrative and punitive action.

This disregard for others has shown itself with the debacle earlier this year in the search for a new Easthampton school superintendent. A candidate was offered the position, then had the offer rescinded for addressing women on the board as “ladies” who considered that a microaggression.

Microaggressions are in the eye of the beholder and aren’t always meant as such. There are currently many gender pronouns. A person having to remember every pronoun or combination would be like navigating a ship through a minefield knowing if you made a mistake, it would cost you your livelihood. Abortion activists’ mantra is “my body, my choice,” but if a woman decides not to abort, the places that can help her are vandalized and their staff intimidated.

A person deserves the level of respect they show toward others and activists have shown little respect for anyone. Their actions have often seemed petty and vindictive. A cause must transcend the activist but too often the lust for control and power transcends the cause. If someone hurt my feelings, I would have been told to deal with it. Unfortunately, the current generation of activists may be incapable of doing so thanks to the idea that their feelings are more important than our rights.

When you ignore the rights of others, why should they care about yours? Alienating half the population based on political and social belief is shortsighted because the political climate can change. Americans have the right to live as they wish and not be denied the ability to provide for their families because of tantrums or undeserved morality judgments of others.

An activist can bully people only as long as we let them. With the mood of Americans today, the time may not be far off when this mindless disregard of others won’t be tolerated.

William Aherin



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