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Paul Garvey: Code of conduct needed for kids sports fans 
02-01-2024 4:50 PM

Gazette sports writer Garrett Cote did a great job relating to a serious problem with kids sports [“Officials face fan criticism,” Gazette, Jan. 25]. I think the schools should consider a “code of conduct” for everyone at school games. A suggestion: A...

Guest columnist Michael Miller: Abortion bans can’t stand up to scrutiny
01-30-2024 4:24 PM


The regulation of individual women’s abortion rights has long been debated in the U.S. In the 19th century, Matilda Joslyn Gage said, “Enforced motherhood is a crime against the body of the mother and the soul of the child,” and “To say when and how...

David Bliss: Online headlines
01-26-2024 3:42 PM

Bravo to the Gazette for updating your morning email of top stories in the paper. It is so refreshing to see new stories each morning, rather than the same ones being repeated for days on end. A job well done!David BlissFlorence

Mark Frost:Pursuit of liberty
01-24-2024 5:30 PM

I applaud Joe Cadettes’ guest column [“Pursuit of liberty will sweep away ‘elitist liberalism,’” Gazette, Jan. 23]. He stated exactly how us people “on the right” feel about the current election bruhaha that is all over the news. Funny how you don’t...

James Maiewski: How city parking subsidizes suburbs
01-23-2024 5:07 PM

Insufficient affordable housing is a topic that has rightly been the subject of many news items and readers’ letters, but none have broached the crucial role played by a policy of car dependance and specifically one of maintaining a superabundance of...

Columnist Richard Fein: Israel/Hamas War: Israeli trauma, Palestinian catastrophe
01-21-2024 7:01 PM


Gaza’s civilian population: Hamas has ruled Gaza since defeating the Fatah faction in 2006 elections. Hamas then killed 459 Fatah operatives. The general population has suffered as Hamas expropriated billions of dollars in foreign donations and local...

Robert Freedman: Ukraine needs help to determine their own fate
01-11-2024 4:32 PM

Recent guest columnist John Haag addressed Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine asserting it was “essential to empathize with Russia’s national security concerns” [“A call for peace: Ending the war in Ukraine,” Gazette, Jan. 5]. Putin would agree....

Rachael Naismith: Biden best choice for president
01-10-2024 5:50 PM

I read with interest the recent article by Annie Karni and Steve Eder in which they quoted Speaker Mike Johnson saying in 2015 that Donald Trump was unfit and dangerous for the office of president. It’s about time that Democrats started talking about...

Robert Boulrice: The great experiment in peril
01-05-2024 1:48 PM

The expiration date. That’s what concerned us on the morning of day one of the new year. News arrived that a friend got COVID and we had a brunch to go to, so testing seemed sensible. Except all our unused tests had expired.Lots of talk about...

Joseph A. Twarog: Holiday lights a hit
01-04-2024 5:21 PM

Kudos to Florence and all responsible for terrific Christmas/holiday lights! Every year they have been outstanding with local businesses participating. Great job!Joseph A. TwarogFlorence

Guest columnist Mariel E. Addis: On mothers and daughters
01-04-2024 5:19 PM


My mom passed in 2008 at the age of 70. She had suffered for a number of years with early-onset Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and had been in nursing home care the last years of her life.I had come out as transgender to my wife a year and a half before...

Columnist John Haag: A call for peace — Ending the war in Ukraine
01-04-2024 5:18 PM


I am writing in support of John Berkowitz’s recent column, “End the war in Ukraine before it ends us” [Gazette, Dec. 4].In recent years, the world has witnessed the tragic conflict unfolding in Ukraine, a crisis that has caused immeasurable suffering...

Lesley Schneider: Officer’s story uplifting 
01-03-2024 4:23 PM

I felt so uplifted reading about the police officer who fought to overcome her circumstances and remake her world [“Emerging from darkness,” Gazette, Dec. 30]. I would love to see a weekly article dedicated to uplifting stories like this one. It is so...

Candace Birk: Tractor parage connected community 
01-02-2024 4:13 PM

Bravo to the Florence Civic and Business Association [FCBA] for envisioning and manifesting the first annual Tractor Parade. Parading from Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School to Look Park on a dark and chilly night, 39 tractors aglow with...

Sidney Moss: Spiegelman made a difference 
12-28-2023 8:04 PM

The recognition of the late Martha Spiegelman’s many contributions to human rights was well deserved (“Human Rights Day honors late leader Spiegelman,” Gazette, Dec. 2). I participated in this well-attended event organized by the local chapter of...

A bike lover’s haven: A pink slip 15 years ago led Jason Graves to open Full Circle Bike Shop
12-13-2023 4:52 PM


NORTHAMPTON — Around 15 years ago, Jason Graves lost his job at a restaurant and needed to find another way to make an income. That’s when his wife, Lynn, made a suggestion: “Why don’t you open up a bike shop?”Soon, Full Circle Bike Shop in Florence...

Cynthia S. Schaedig: Young people should consider all options
12-12-2023 6:01 AM

A recent article addressed gaps in parents’ expectations for children’s future and the need for Massachusetts to make college more accessible to all. In the past, graduating from college has proven to be a strong indicator of financial success. But...

Guest columnist Mariel E. Addis: High hopes and lost experiences
12-07-2023 5:29 PM


Imagine for a moment, getting a new name, a new gender, a “new” body, and a closet full of new and different clothes. Now, imagine experiencing life with both a heightened level of both emotions and physical sensations. While it seems like something...

Robert Boulrice: Parlor Room Collective worth supporting
12-05-2023 3:38 PM

There’s been a lot of talk about revitalizing downtown. To me, supporting the Parlor Room Collective is without a doubt the most bang I could get for my philanthropic buck. So that’s what I just did on Giving Tuesday, hoping that the folks at...

Guest columnist Larry Hott: How I got to know Rosalynn Carter
11-30-2023 6:32 AM


It was February 2001. I was at my desk in our film studio reviewing every grant proposal I had written for our film “Imagining Robert: My Brother, Madness and Survival,” which was based on the book by Jay Neugenboren.I met Jay four years earlier while...

Displaying articles 61 to 80 out of 154 total.

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