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Nancy Natale: Tasty Top/Sierra Vista project just waved on
12-03-2023 8:39 AM

I agree with the letter from Roger Anderson published in the Nov. 30 Gazette where he expressed his disappointment and emotional reaction to the approval of the Tasty Top/Sierra Vista development in Easthampton [“A discouraging moment for...

Guest columnist Terrence McCarthy: ‘Rough Sleeper’ is our neighbor
12-01-2023 12:55 PM


I just bought Tracy Kidder’s new book “Rough Sleepers.” The title refers to people.who are experiencing homelessness in the state’s capital city, Boston. Kidder’s focus is on Boston physician Jim O’Connell’s mission to help that city’s legions of...

Merriam Ansara: Have we no sense of history or shame?
11-30-2023 5:57 PM

The stated goal of Israel in its war against Gaza is to root out Hamas, responsible for the cross-border attack in Israel that killed 1,200 civilians and captured 240 people as hostages, including old people and children.Let me say that I most...

Art Lustenberger: December brings Toys for Kids campaign, ‘Stuff a Cruiser’ event
11-30-2023 5:57 PM

The Southampton Lions Club is beginning its 15th annual Toys for Kids campaign. As in past years, our loyal, normal collection sites are open to walk-in customers. As a reminder, those sites are located in the Southampton branches of both Bank ESB and...

Roger Anderson: A discouraging moment for Easthampton’s community planning 
11-30-2023 6:33 AM

After I left the recent Easthampton Planning Board meeting where the Tasty Top/Sierra Vista development was approved, I felt sad that for the first time in 27 years here I wasn’t proud of my city.In recent years, city government has done a fantastic...

Guest columnist Olin Rose-Bardawil: Merely reacting only fuels rancor
11-25-2023 7:15 AM


In recent years, it has become clear that social media platforms have the capacity to deepen social polarization and worsen the already dire political situation.Many of the negative effects of social media on our political environment are well known...

Columnist Sara Weinberger: Standing Together offers a way out of the wilderness
11-20-2023 7:00 AM


Tuesday morning, I’m driving to the Ashley Reservoir in Holyoke to meet a friend for a morning walk. The radio is tuned to NPR. A news brief reports two back-to-back headlines: Officials at Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital, without power to operate incubators...

Gail and Steve Herman: Open dialogue critical to understanding Israel-Palestinian conflict
11-14-2023 2:36 PM

As we sit here, we are realizing how frustrated and saddened we are about the bombings of Israel and Gaza. We read a very good column by Adin Maynar printed in the Oct. 20 Gazette [“American Jews must speak out against the bombing of innocents”] as...

Jeanne Allen: Grateful for Valley’s agricultural workers
11-14-2023 2:05 PM

The crops are in, the leaves fallen and the nights frosty. We prepare for Thanksgiving in terms for being grateful for the benefits we have received. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the farmers who keep the land in production, and the...

Ethel S. White: Good transportation is the ‘bones’ of a harmonious society  
11-03-2023 5:32 PM

When I dream about a harmonious society here in the Valley, it includes a well-functioning and interconnected public transportation system to provide the bones of that community. There is fast and frequent train service between Boston, Springfield and...

Guest columnist Frank Roberts: Protests against Israel sow hatred, dread
10-29-2023 4:33 PM


As the conflict in Israel enters its fourth week, I find myself thinking more about the future than the past.Initially I was angry. I found my thoughts drifting from outrage to sadness to revenge. I have constantly imagined what I would do if it were...

Dan Rist: Tamara Smith right choice for City Council
10-26-2023 4:02 PM

As a city councilor for 27 years and reaching the end of my term on the council, I am very concerned with who might replace me. Hoping for someone that shared my values of caring for the citizens of Easthampton while watching over tax dollars and...

Columnist Sara Weinberger: Violence only blots out path to peace
10-26-2023 4:00 PM

The savage slaughter by Hamas terrorists of 1,300-plus Israelis on Oct. 7 sent shock waves around the world, leaving profound grief and rage in its wake. Members of my synagogue community are mourning murdered family members, frantic over the fate of...

Easthampton School Committee hopefuls make cases at forum
10-25-2023 3:55 PM


EASTHAMPTON — When the next group of Easthampton School Committee members are sworn into office in January, they will be tasked with a number of responsibilities including budget discussions and a renewed superintendent search.Ten candidates,...

DA Sullivan presses for legal drug-use sites at State House hearing, saying need has never been more urgent
10-24-2023 6:00 PM


BOSTON — Stressing that legal drug consumption sites would save hundreds of lives and that there isn’t a moment to waste, Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan implored lawmakers on Monday to muster up the courage to pass legislation before...

Kate Banigan-White: Affordable housing, but at what cost?
10-23-2023 10:12 PM

I live in Easthampton and I am employed in Northampton as a clinical social worker. For personal and professional reasons, I am deeply invested in expanding affordable housing in Easthampton and beyond. While the proposed Tasty Top LLC development in...

Guest columnists Marty Klein and Kathy Ahern: Smart growth or an insult to Easthampton?
10-23-2023 10:00 PM


For the past 10 months, a proposed 440,000-square-foot development, “Sierra Vista Commons,” on 33 acres behind Starbucks, above the Manhan River (formerly Tasty Top) has been reviewed by Easthampton’s Planning Board and Conservation Commission. To...

Easthampton council moves to oppose book bans
10-22-2023 5:00 PM


EASTHAMPTON — School Committee member Sam Hunter, a transgender person, remembers searching for children’s books at the public library that represented queer families like his own after he and his wife had a baby in 2016.To Hunter’s surprise, those...

Rash of car break-ins reported in Westhampton, Southampton, Easthampton
10-19-2023 2:45 PM


Police are urging residents to lock their car doors following a string of recent car break-ins in Westhampton, Southampton and Easthampton.Just after midnight on Sunday going into Monday, Westhampton saw four car break-ins at one address, along with...

Roundabout eyed on Route 10 in Easthampton for big project at old Tasty Top site
10-19-2023 1:00 PM


EASTHAMPTON — As the Planning Board nears a decision on the proposed multimillion dollar retail and housing complex at the former Tasty Top site off Route 10, a roundabout is now being considered to handle an expected increase in traffic, as opposed...

Displaying articles 101 to 120 out of 391 total.

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