Double Edge

  • Staff and resident artists of Double Edge Theatre make their way between the buildings of the Ashfield campus in a snowstorm on Thursday, January 4, 2018. GAZETTE STAFF / KEVIN GUTTING

Friday, February 02, 2018

We might not get another storm this year like the one last month that found me on the campus of Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield. I took this frame for no other reason than it appealed to me. It’s not always easy, or perhaps even advisable, to put into words what is appealing about a photograph, or other visual medium — or anything with an artistic bent for that matter. Art often creates a gut feeling that resists analysis. I find it intriguing that a master’s candidate must go before a committee to “defend” his or her thesis, as if just by the act of being created it were automatically under attack.  With that caveat aside, I appreciate this photograph for a few reasons that include the symmetry, the lines, the quiet tension of the two people heading in different directions, their heads bowed against the weather, the stark, nearly monochromatic feel created by the snow and, finally, the lasting memory it provides me of that day.

—Kevin Gutting/Gazette staff