Cathy McNally: Says Jay Fleitman confuses law and politics

  • mactrunk

Tuesday, December 05, 2017
Says Jay Fleitman confuses law and politics

Jay Fleitman is confusing law and politics when he suggests that there needs to be due process before political decisions (“Lack of due process in Alabama allegations,” Dec. 5).

The state can’t lock Roy Moore up without due process, but voters can certainly analyze the evidence for themselves. Several women who do not know each other have accused Moore of similar assault and improper conduct when they were children. Moore was known to be a stalker of young girls. He was watched at sports events and banned from the mall.

I’m going to bet that even Jay Fleitman doesn’t need due process to know that he wouldn’t leave a young female family member alone with Moore.

And comparing Moore’s alleged assault to Elizabeth Warren’s alleged recipe plagiarizing — pretty funny and classic Fleitmania.

Cathy McNally