Food columnist Lou Groccia restocks his new kitchen

Friday, January 12, 2018

Now that we have a new kitchen, I saw it as my civic duty to go out and buy more stuff for it.

My wife was not entirely sold on the idea. Seems she thought we needed room for things like plates and glasses. Where does she get these ideas?

But because I am a good husband, the message got through my thick skull. So, I only bought some small stuff.

Like a mini food processor. So convenient.

Like four, 8-inch aluminum sizzle platters for roasting off items that don’t need a whole frying pan or pot: nuts, vegetables, bread crumbs, small cuts of meat and fish.

Like four industrial, restaurant-quality aluminum frying pans, cheap, two 6-inch and two 8-inch. Very handy when whipping up a complicated meal that calls for lots of frying pans. Which happens. And that’s what our new dishwasher is for.

Like two beautiful, handmade pottery bowls, with steep sides. Perfect for holding all sorts of things. These stay on the counter.

Like a straight pot rack that holds 10 frying pans of all sorts. Saves a ton of counter space. We have a barnboard ceiling, which made it easy to install.

As for room for all those plates my wife was worried about, I got a wooden plate rack. Hey, it holds four plates. Is that great, or what?

I think I just heard my wife yell, “What!”


In my old, oh so very old, kitchen, I have, somewhere on the pantry shelves, a couple of those sizzle platters you mention. You gave them to me! Are you sure you don’t already have a few of those, packed away with all your old kitchen things? Because you told me at the time, many years ago, how much you liked using them. That would lead me to believe you already have some aluminum sizzle platters somewhere.

But alas new begets new. Old begets forget about it.

Moral to the story, unpack your boxes. There might be something old you might need for the new.