How to find inspiration for your home decor ideas

  • Graphic elements and shapes create inspiration for a geometric or retro feel. Design Recipes—TNS

  • A bold, dramatic piece of art serves as an inspirational springboard for a creative color palette. Design Recipes—TNS

  • A deep wall color helps demonstrate how a mix of light and dark elements can provide contrast and interest. Design Recipes—TNS

  • This graphic artwork shows how it can be used in a space. Design Recipes—TNS

  • A creative use of gold and metallics shows how finishes can help inspire design. Design Recipes—TNS

  • A rustic space can provide inspiration for country homes or gardens. Design Recipes—TNS

  • A candy-inspired theme by Cathy Hobbs serves as inspiration for a children’s room. Design Recipes—TNS

Tribune News Service
Thursday, May 24, 2018

Whether it's in nature, pages of a magazine, a friend's home, hotel or designer show house, design inspiration is wherever you find it. Recently, more than 60 top designers met at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York to create one-of-a-kind vignettes to benefit charity. The annual event is called Design On A Dime and is sponsored through Housing Works. All items are for sale and proceeds benefit those affected by homelessness, HIV and AIDS.

Show houses are held in various forms throughout the country and are a wonderful way to be inspired for ideas for your own home. Other sources of inspiration include retail stores, restaurants, magazines, showrooms and even nature.

Often we ignore what is right in front of us. Whether it is a pretty flower, display or well designed public space, the reality is you can find inspiration virtually anywhere. Many designers travel with sketch books to always document great design. Along similar lines, many designers also photograph any design element they find interesting. This isn't for the purpose of imitating, but being inspired. Look for interesting color combinations, textures and interesting use of design. Visit museums, exhibitions, art shows and design events. These venues tend to not only attract talent, but the very latest in design.

Inspiration is not always about what is the latest and greatest. While newer items may be appealing, so can vintage pieces that may be capable of being refreshed and repurposed. Not sold on using vintage items? Consider mixing items that are new, bold or unique with those that are more vintage in nature.

Remember, whether it's a piece of art you spotted in a restaurant, wallpaper on the wall of a room in a designer show house or display piece in a retail store, that piece is likely available for purchase or can be purchased from a manufacturer or artisan directly.

Cathy Hobbs, based in New York City, is an Emmy Award-winning television host and a nationally known interior design and home staging expert with offices in New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C.