United Way seeks to bolster economic security with survey

Thursday, October 13, 2016

NORTHAMPTON — In its efforts to bolster economic security in the community, the United Way of Hampshire County is seeking responses to an anonymous online survey.

Leaders of the nonprofit announced Tuesday they will use the responses to better allocate the more than $1 million they collect in the local campaign each year — funds they direct toward health services, services for children and others in need.

“The people who live and work in Hampshire County are our best sources of information and perspective,”  James Ayres, executive director of the United Way, said in a statement. “This survey is a way for us to put an ear to the ground and gather advice. This will inform our efforts to improve the quality of life of all of our residents – in turn benefiting us all.”

According to the organization, the survey targets “food security, workforce development, housing and adult education.” As an incentive, leaders of the organization said they will randomly select respondents to receive $50 Amherst or Northampton gift cards.

The responses will build on a series of “listening sessions” the United Way held recently. Enhancing regional collaboration is a theme that emerged.