Rev. Peter Kakos: Congress must stand up to NRA

Wednesday, March 07, 2018
Congress must stand up to NRA

The National Rifle Association’s basic premise on gun control rests on this familiar mantra: It’s not the gun that kills, it’s the man. The vast majority of owners are decent, law-abiding citizens who must not be deprived of their Second Amendment right to own even semi-automatic assault rifles, if they wish.

Though it is true that these military-designed weapons of mass destruction do not fire themselves, it is categorically wrong to presume that any criminal-record-free person would not go on a rampage — for a host of insane reasons.

Take last year’s Las Vegas massacre. A wealthy, successful businessman, who by all accounts is sitting on top of the world he controls, decides — for whatever reason — to perch himself in a hotel room where he proceeds to indiscriminately and relentlessly strafe unsuspecting concert-goers.

His vicious assault on humanity at random proves beyond doubt the deadly flaw of the NRA’s premise. The painfully clear reality is that virtually every person of any age or background is both capable of the greatest good and also the greatest evil. Until that macabre night, the Las Vegas annihilator was “everyman” in every respect. The only difference is his being able to amass a small arsenal of (legal, mind you) arms.

How many more slaughters of audiences, nightclubs, grammar schools, high schools, social worker meetings, and welcoming church Bible studies will it take to persuade Congress to stand up for the 355 million or so persons who do not count themselves among the five million who put their passion and pleasure in squeezing a rapid-fire trigger?

Rev. Peter Kakos