Ramakumar Jones: Agrees with banning nuclear weapons

Friday, August 11, 2017

I totally support the excellent and constructive guest column, “Reflections on nuclear weapons ban” (Aug. 4).

In my view, the current U.S.-led sanctions and implied threats of war against North Korea have no realistic chance of bringing a peaceful resolution to the increasingly dangerous crisis between the United States and North Korea — a crisis which portends a huge humanitarian catastrophe for millions of Koreans and perhaps the whole world.

The military and political leaders of the United States can not reasonably expect that the use of economic punishments and the increasing use of political and military intimidation can evoke a peaceful response from a small country (North Korea) that feels unjustly treated by the world’s most powerfully armed superpower. In fact, the United States seems almost mechanically addicted to an aggressive and inflexible foreign policy that has brought nothing but more suffering to humanity since the Korean and the Vietnam wars.

So instead of pushing ahead with the U.S. government’s planned use of economic sanctions and continuing threats of war why not employ our intelligence instead of our chronic national stubbornness? Lift the economic embargo on North Korea, end the demonstrations of the U.S.’s military might in the Korean peninsula and finally approach all other nuclear powers with workable proposals for eliminating the world’s terrifying arsenals of nuclear weapons.

Ramakumar Jones

Fairfax, CA