Missing black cat showed up at old haunt in Northampton

  • Bassett’s cat Olive (bottom) greets missing cat Sharky on May 31. Sharky previously lived at the same apartment with her owner Molly Greening.  Photo courtesy of Bassett 

  • Sharky  Photo courtesy of Jim Neill 

  • Greening’s 8-year-old black cat Sharky went missing on May 30. The next day the cat returned to her owner’s former apartment.  Photo courtesy of Bassett 

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Published: 6/4/2020 5:45:40 PM
Modified: 6/4/2020 5:45:30 PM

An 8-year-old black cat named Sharky went missing from her home in Northampton on the evening of May 30, but was found less than two days later near the former apartment of her owner a half-mile or so away. 

Molly Greening, 49, of Northampton, said her indoor-outdoor cat Sharky went missing last after a scuffle with a neighborhood cat. 

“When I went to break it up, the other cat ran into my apartment,” she said. “We think that cat doesn’t want her in the territory. That might be one of the reasons why she took off.” 

Greening received a text message from Kara Bassett, 29, of Northampton, who is the new tenant atf Greening’s former apartment, stating that Sharky stopped by the window outside of the apartment. This prompted Greening to search in the area, and Sharky was found near Historic Northampton on Bridge Street. 

“I took a can of food in my bag and as soon as I went there we saw her there — I opened the can to kind of get her to come on over,” she explained, adding that Skarky slept for a day and a half after returning home and is in fine health. 

At least 30 missing cat flyers were placed by Greening’s partner, Jim Neill, around Greening’s neighborhood before Sharky was found. The couple also found community support via social media during the search. 

“As soon as we started to put up the flyers, I got a lot of calls,” Greening said. “Even yesterday I got a few calls. All and all, I got about five or six calls about it and then I was called by Kara who lives in the apartment that I used to live in. Sharky had gone back. She used to sit on the windowsill and go in and out through the window.” 

Bassett said she discovered Sharky meowing outside her apartment on May 31, trying to get inside. Sharky also bears a resemblance to Bassett’s black cat named Olive. The two cats initially greeted one another through a window. 

“Sharky was clearly super outraged that there was another cat inside and she meowed and hissed and ran away really quick,” she said. “I kind of dismissed it and thought it was really strange. The next day I saw flyers all over Northampton saying that there was a missing black cat named Sharky. And I noticed in this photograph of Sharky that she was sitting on my porch where she had been meowing the day before.” 

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