Judy Markland: Echoes McCain’s call for unity

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Regrettably, Sen. John McCain’s July 25 speech to the Senate calling for bipartisanship received far less attention that it deserved in the media.

McCain called for politicians of both parties to work together respectfully to help the American people, noting that Congress can put together compromises that “don’t require abandonment of core principles, agreements made in good faith that help improve lives and protect the American people.”

He’s right. So much needs to be done — fixing health care, improving our infrastructure, improving education, providing clean air and water, reforming immigration and more. And it needs to be done soon. There’s much agreement on the problems and a good deal of agreement on possible solutions. It’s time for Congress to get down to work to start making things happen. Compromises are messy and imperfect and neither side will be totally happy — but the country will be better off.

Republicans brought Congress to a halt during Obama’s presidency; Democrats must do better now. It’s time for members of both parties to put the people and the country ahead of rhetoric and their own prospects in the next election cycle.

Judy Markland