The Rev. Vicki Kemper: A matter of survival

Published: 02-23-2024 4:07 PM

I was stunned to read the caption accompanying the Gazette’s (Feb. 17) photograph on page A3. Palestinians in Rafah, Gaza, it said, were lining up “for a free meal,” adding that basic supplies in Gaza are running short “because of the war between Israel and Hamas.”

Let’s be clear: According to the World Food Programme, nine out of 10 Palestinians in Gaza are surviving on less than one meal a day; that is, close to two million of our fellow children of God are at risk of starvation. Let’s also be clear about the cause: The Israeli government has drastically limited the flow of food, medicine, and other supplies to Gaza. Under these conditions, nothing is “free.”

I realize photo captions must, by their nature, be brief. But they needn’t be heartless or vague. Please do better.

The Rev. Vicki Kemper


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