John Hoogstraten: Wetzel for Select Board

Lum3n/via Pexels

Lum3n/via Pexels Lum3n/via Pexels

Published: 10-17-2023 7:57 AM

On Nov. 4, the residents of Williamsburg will be asked to elect a new member of the Select Board to fill the very large shoes of the late Dave Mathers. One of the candidates stands head and shoulders above the rest: Paul Wetzel.

I know Paul well, and believe he has all of the qualities that would make him an excellent addition to the board. Paul is dedicated to this community. His efforts have been instrumental in bringing millions of dollars in grants into town. His leadership helped make possible the renovation of the Anne T. Dunphy School and the construction of the new public safety complex.

His years of work on the Finance Committee have given him a thorough understanding of the town’s budget, the services it provides to residents, and the burdens it imposes on taxpayers. His even-handed approach to budgeting is widely appreciated, as is his ability to present and explain the budget to the residents at Town Meeting.

Paul also understands the fundamental difference between governing a town and running a for-profit business. To know Paul is to like him. He approaches every interaction and activity with an open mind, a warm smile, and a ready laugh. To work with Paul is to appreciate his preparation, thoughtfulness, and willingness to roll up his sleeves and “show up” to do the work of supporting a thriving community.

He always brings a positive, can-do attitude to his work, and looks for solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Paul Wetzel has the skills, experience, and temperament to be an outstanding member of the Select Board. I urge Burgy voters to join me in electing him on Nov. 4.

John Hoogstraten