Jon Ortiz: Praises accomplishments by President Trump

  • jacoblund

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Praises accomplishments by President Trump

The stock market is at a record high, ISIS has been virtually eliminated, and African-American unemployment is at a record low — but does President Donald Trump get any credit for these things from the mainstream media?

Of course not. They’d rather focus on petty issues like the president’s diet, or his weight, or his hair, or insulting his wife and kids.

Thank you, President Trump, for doing more in your first year for this country than eight years of your predecessor who just bowed, apologized, and ignored everything. We’re now seeing just how much corruption happened under Obama and the Democrats in the IRS, CIA, FBI and other once-great institutions. And it all would have continued if Hillary had been elected.

Thank God for President Trump. Keep up the anger and hatred mainstream media. No wonder you’re now referred to as “fake news.”

Jon Ortiz