Jim Henle: Calls for national strike to protest tax plan

  • jacoblund

Wednesday, December 06, 2017
Calls for national strike to protest tax plan

I think the time has come for a general strike. The tax bill in Congress is poisonous. It’s a kick in the teeth of every American who works for a living. It would worsen almost every problem facing the nation.

The central cause of our national unhappiness is the vast inequality, the vast unfairness of our income distribution. The split in wealth lies behind the lack of income growth for most of us. It’s behind our reduced economic mobility. It’s behind the social and political fracturing of the country.

It’s time for a general strike. The rich run this country. They dictate the tax structure. This bill is for them, not for us. It privileges unearned income. If you’re rich and don’t have to work, you get a great tax break. If you work to live, you get almost nothing.

Inequality eats at this country. It stifles ambition. It fuels ethnic hatred. It diminishes our sense of belonging to this country. It powers racism, sexism and the fear of differences. It reduces respect for government, it reduces patriotism, it reduces meaning in life.

So it’s time for a general strike. The Republicans don’t think you count. The idea of “the deserving poor” doesn’t make sense to them. They don’t want to give you health care. They don’t want to give you a good public education. They don’t like supporting your retirement. They don’t want to give you a living wage. They think all you deserve is what you’ve got. But they — who have been kissed by fate and cuddled by sweet deals from Congress — deserve their good fortune.

This should be a national strike, a general strike, a clear demonstration of our anger and of our contempt for the “leaders” who have engineered this terrible bill. I suggest a ripe day in the next week or two.

We may be powerless. We don’t have to be silent.

Jim Henle