Jamie Elkin: Time to retire football from sports roster?

  • mactrunk

Monday, October 02, 2017
Time to retire football from sports roster?

Here in the Valley we are blessed with great high schools and colleges. Education is the economic engine of our region.

We cherish our kids and their minds. How can we as a community not be up in arms about the continuation of football at every level of education? Study after study shows that our brains are damaged by repetitive minor injuries. You don’t need to get a concussion to injure your brain, and the damage is permanent.

There is nothing I love more than watching the Patriots on a Sunday. I’m beginning to feel sicker and sicker every time I hear the helmet-on-helmet clank. We are putting our kids at risk from these micro-traumas, these subconcussive hits.

It used to fun, but I think with what we have learned this year, we are being negligent and irresponsible parents and educators. It is past time for the principals, teachers, coaches and parents to ask the difficult question: Is it time to retire football from the roster of sports?

Jamie Elkin