Osa M. Flory: Supports ‘Medicare for all’

Thursday, August 10, 2017

As a physician who practiced primary care internal medicine in Northampton for 31 years, I urge the Northampton City Council to pass the proposed “Medicare for all” resolution at its Aug. 17 meeting.

A majority of our country now feels that health care is a right, and reacted with fear and grass-roots activism to the proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act. This belated recognition that the ACA has done much good has, I feel, given us a unique opportunity to advance the issue of universal health insurance coverage. The public now understands what is at stake in this debate.

Our current non-system of health care can neither guarantee access nor contain costs. Only a system with controls from above, which do not respond to the profit motive at every level, can do so. If you agree, please show it by contacting your city councillor and attending the Aug. 17 meeting. We must not let this useful window of opportunity pass.

Osa M. Flory