Elliott Crowe: Urges nonviolent response to Nazis, fascists

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Published: 9/24/2017 11:22:04 PM
Urges nonviolent response to neo-Nazis, fascists

Just over one month ago, I stood with hundreds of other concerned citizens in front of Northampton City Hall to stand in peaceful defiance of the hate that is rising in the United States in the form of Nazism, racism, Islamophobia, and misogyny.

Like many others, I was disgusted by the president’s repeated efforts, as recently as last week, to defend those who advocate genocide and ethnic cleansing in the United States. His argument of “bad dudes” on “both sides” is an insult to anyone who has had the stomach to watch Elle Reeve’s terrifying video coverage of the Charlottesville, Virginia, rally from the point of view of the neo-Nazis.

Since Charlottesville, there have been several incidents of violence perpetrated by the antifa, a group dedicated to physically attacking Nazis and fascists in the public square. Many argue, including the president, that they are just as bad as the Nazis and fascists themselves. They are not. They do not call for mass murder. They fight against intolerance in the way they feel is needed. That does not, however, give them a strong moral high ground.

The best way to prove how truly evil the Klansmen and misogynists are is to confront them vigorously with nonviolence and show the world how they react. This method, organized people who are dedicated to peacefully resist evil, was responsible for the largest and most effective movements for social change in the last 100 years — the Indian independence movement and the American civil rights movement.

Though it may feel glorious to stand up to Nazis in the streets with a shield and stick, that behavior allows them to play the victim and cultivate support. It ultimately will aid the enemy.

I encourage youths who may think antifa is a righteous response to listen instead to the voices of Gandhi, John Lewis, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Those are the voices that lead us to moral victory.

Elliott Crowe


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