Bonnie Miller: Opposes End of Life Options Act

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Opposes End of Life Options Act

My heart sank as I read the Gazette editorial Dec. 30 supporting the End of Life Options Act (H1194).

If you agree that physician-assisted suicide is an affront to the physicians’ oath to “do no harm,” and that hospice provides excellent pain control and loving care for those who are facing death, I simply ask you to contact the co-chairs of the Joint Committee on Public Health who are reviewing this act before Feb. 7. They are Rep. Kate Hogan (617-722-2130, kate.hogan@mahouse.gov) and Sen. Jason Lewis. (617-772-1206, jason.lewis@masenate.gov). Please call or write now.

The End of Life Options Act is a euphemism for physician-assisted suicide. Condoning it deprives us, as a culture, of experiencing the deep mystery of life and death.

Bonnie Miller