Area property deed transfers, June 3

Published: 6/2/2021 6:40:01 PM


Katharine J Waggoner LT and Katharine J. Waggoner T to Brian R. Stoffer, 4 Autumn Lane, Unit 4, $225,000

Pari Riahi and Yahya Modarres-Sadeghi to Larissa R. Chernock and Matthew S. Goldberg, 52 Blue Hills Road, $351,000

Kathleen R. Decker and Thomas A. Decker to John S. Edmund and Kathleen M. Edmund, 24 Green Leaves Dr., Unit 436, $205,000

P C&P F Schneider IRT and Paul Schneider Tr to Jayant Taneja and Emily Kumpel, 77 Mcclellan St., $455,000

Joan E. Langley to Elizabeth P Perkins IRT and Elizabeth B. Perkins Tr, 28 Mcintosh Dr., Unit 28, $310,000

Joanne T. Swanson and John S. Swanson to Erica A. Reisig and Jiri A. Jacknowitz, 772 N. East St., $815,000

Francis X. Bock and Jessica B. Dockendorff to Alexander M. Gontar and Casey P. Maloney, 632 S. Pleasant St., $453,500

Robin A. Morris and Peter H. Kibbler to Dan Bevacqua and Hannah Brooks-Motl, 115 Sand Hill Road, $457,000

Carlson David R Est and Kathryn E. Carlson to Yair Zick and Jolene S. Costa, 34 Spaulding St., $450,000


M&G Land Dev LLC to Thomas E. Smith and Linda H. Smith, 370 Bay Road, $400,000

Chevalier FT and Renee Rae Tr to Jacob N. Smith, 47 Edelcy Dr., $330,000

Lizbeth L. Paddy to Linda Coffey, 23 Everett Ave., Unit 23, $215,000

Marcel A. Nunes to Tang Properties LLC, Oasis Drive, Lot B, $90,000

Marcel A. Nunes to Grace M. Drost, Oasis Drive, Lot D, $90,000

Marcel A. Nunes to Nicholas T. Drost, Oasis Drive, Lot O, $90,000


James F. Fortini and Sallyann B. Fortini to Daniel A. Blair and Erica C. Hewes, 40 Bisbee Road, $320,000

Lauren Baldwin to Grant Morrow III FT and Elizabeth A. Morrow Tr, Ireland Street, $200,000


Amy E. Quinlan and Melissa E. Quinlan to Karen A. Johnson and Bonnie J. Asselin, 47 Bryan Ave., $372,500

Francis P. Lepine to John J. Sefton and Melenie Freedom-Flynn, 14 Garfield Ave., $422,000

W Marek Corp to Dylan S. Wells and Rebecca R. Willard, 108 Line St., $350,000

Harris Therese A Est and Alan R. Harris to Kyle Taylor and Kate Seaman, 289 Main St., $401,000

Tara A. Blondin to Jessie Warner, 34 Rabideau Dr., $292,000


Lovern Donald J Est and Robert L. Ward to Shane A. Clark, 7 Darrel Ave, $200,000


Bethany L. Jacques and Daniel J. Jacques to Joseph R. Polino and Maria T. Polino, 2 High Meadow Road, $559,000

Marjory H. Spencer and Barbara J. Spencer to Marc A. Mailhott and Sarah J. Mailhott, Hockanum Road, $40,000

Jeffrey T. Reynolds Jr. and Nichole R. Reynolds to 26 Mt Warner RT and Jack D. Davis Tr, 26 Mount Warner Road, $542,000

J T&Adele J Westort LT and Denise A. Clark Tr to MMS RET and Marshall Steinbeck Tr, N. Branch Road, $18,000

John T. Boisvert to John T. Boisvert Jr. and Bridget R. Boisvert, 226 River Dr., $1


Welch Edward Est and Samantha Welch to Kristy M. Reillo-Rosado, 32 Clinton Ave., $149,000

Carlos A. Cirino to Gandara Mental Health C, 82-84 Davis St., $310,000

Earl K. Dandy III to Wendy Weiss, 903 Hampden St., $75,000

Scott Kosak to Amanda D. Tebo, 419 Hillside Ave., $256,500

FNMA to Rebecca J. Foltasz, 328 Linden St., $131,000

Nancy L. Marshall to NJRE Property Group LLC, Lower Westfield Road, Lot 129, $20,000

Hampson Frederick J Est and David M. Hampson to 188 Madison Avenue RT and Thomas Wilson Tr, 188 Madison Ave., $180,000

Ivy J. Mcclaflin to Sofia Carrascal, 12 Maple Crest Circle, Unit A, $102,500

Amy B. Taylor to Ashley A. Brackett and Christopher Brackett, 65 Mountain Road, $328,000

William A. Callan and Joan M. Callan to Robert A. Gentile Jr., 717 Northampton St., Unit 11, $365,000

Alan D. Hogan and Jessica Usher to Samantha Taylor and Emmett Dupont, 157 Norwood Terrace, $220,000

Merrill C. Desrosiers to Eileen Kos and Peter Kos, 141 Oxford Road, $300,000

Ashley A. Brackett and Christopher Brackett to Alan D. Hogan and Jessica Usher, 7 Park Slope, $289,900

Mildred A. Brennan and Laura L. Brennan to Michelle J. Kyser, 196 Sargeant St., $201,000

Richard C. Page to Joseph K. Prattico and Breeann M. Flanagan, 105 Sheehan Dr., $235,000

US Bank NA Tr to Wilfredo R. Gonzalez and M DeLaGuzman-Velazquez, 5 Washington Ave., $195,000


Andrew M. Nania and Brendan J. Nania to Chester Road-2 NT and Christa L. Emerson Tr, Chester Road, $4,500

Chester Rd 2 NT and Christa L. Emerson Tr to Ronald Young and Solomon Cicero Jr., Chester Road, $17,000


Deborah R. Donahue and Rebecca M. Cockfield to Linda Patterson, 73 Blackberry Lane, $400,000

Ruddeforth FT and William J. Ruddeforth T to Kellyanne R. Mahoney, 16 Butler Place, $670,000

Brooke E. Vassar to Denise Tougas, 48 Evergreen Road, Unit 114, $181,000

Chenyeh Huang and Lena Huang to Lia Yanis and Christopher E. Tourlouk, 23 Fair St., $442,000

Norita R Reynolds LT and Norita R. Reynolds Tr to Harlee Strauss, 605 Fairway Village, Unit 605, $301,000

Steven P. Jones to Dey Summer, 63 Florence Road, $239,300

Jordy Rosenberg and Andrea Lawlor to Andrea Lawlor and Bernadine A. Mellis, 25 Lincoln Ave., $43,717

Sheridan Real Estate LL to 2 Main Street RT and Nancy Deschene Tr, 2 Main St., $440,000

Equinox Partners LLC to Eric Properties LLC, 120 River Road, $2,200,000

Jeffrey M. Gnatek and Catherine Mcnally to Jordy Rosenberg, 628 Westhampton Road, $530,000


Wolfpack Realty Corp to Susan E. Labonte, 114 Alvord Place, Unit 114, $265,000

AAD LLC to Kathryn A. Krug, 1 Canal St., Unit 5a, $244,900

Thomas A. Heim and Jennifer D. Heim to Chad A. Furman, 19 Cornell St., $265,000

Brital 1987 LLC to Mark J. Burton, 5 Enterprise St., $300,000

Susan E. Labonte to Genevieve Sarnak and Maria Janelli, 105 Pittroff Ave, $340,600

Talbot Pauline Est and Maureen Broughan to Jennifer K. Loftus-Roon and Scott S. Loomis, 41 W. Summit St., Unit 42, $152,000

Kimberly A. Dylewicz and David P. Dylewicz to Annalise Sarfo and Eric Sarfo-Amponsah, 41 W. Summit St., Unit 43, $155,000

Kathleen S. Monast and Pierre A. Monast to Susan D. Sachs and Linda Sachs, 193 Woodbridge St., $333,573


Mark A. Frary to Peter C. Frary, Wolcott Road (rear), $500


Cep Real Estate LLC to GDS Realty LLC, 3 East St., $305,000

Cep Real Estate LLC to GDS Realty LLC, 5-7 East St., $305,000

Cep Real Estate LLC to GDS Realty LLC, 9 East St., $305,000

Jacob J. Perron and Emily N. Perron to Tyler Chick and Samantha Tefft, 261 Greenwich Road, $312,000

Brown Patrick J Est and Anne L. Brown to Shawn Cantwell and Heather Landry, 61 Hardwick Pond Road, $227,300

New England Equities LL to Alexis Lane, 42 W. Main St., $255,500

Gerald R. Harrington Jr. and Nathan J. Harrington to Colton Rier, 44 Warebrook Village, $125,000

Diane M. Frazier and Judith A. Pariseau to Jeff Bousquet, 70 West St., $164,000

Franklin County


Bradford D. Scudder and Nan A. Scudder to Merlyn Property LLC, 221A Pfersick Road, $1


Bradford D. Scudder and Nan A. Scudder to Merlyn Property LLC, 221A Pfersick Road, $1

Bradford D. Scudder to Merlyn Property LLC, 25 Main St., $1


Carla Bernier “aka” Carla A. Bernier to Bernier Investment Trust, Carla A. Bernier, Trustee, 13B Snowberry Circle, Unit 4B Sugarloaf Condo, $1


Stephen C. Westerling and Angela L. Westerling to Gus Sideris, 430 Montague Road, $235,000

Nathalie A. Kissel to Robert I. Brown and Joan R. Green, 91 West Pelham Road, $354,000


Andrew F. Gianino Jr., Janice R. Gianino and Roger W. Shattuck to Tight Line Properties LLC, 83 State Road, $160,000

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