Area property deed transfers, May 6

Published: 5/5/2021 1:40:57 PM


Marilyn Monsein RET and Marilyn Monsein Tr to Joshua J. Burton and Yuanfang G. Burton, 9 Emerson Court, Unit 9, $285,000

Roy Margery H Est and Margery H. Roy to Abigail E. Weeks and Sara G. Weeks, 17 Emerson Court, Unit 17, $287,000

Steven Ozcelik and Nuray Ozcelik to Dan Wang and Ying Wang, 31 Jeffrey Lane, $370,000

Derek T. Chang to Leo J. Hart IV and Phong T. Hart, 50 Meadow St., Unit 24, $217,500

Derek T. Chang to Leo J. Hart IV and Phong T. Hart, 50 Meadow St., Unit 52, $217,500

Derek T. Chang to Leo J. Hart IV and Phong T. Hart, 50 Meadow St., Unit 81, $217,500

Jane E. Taylor and Cleo W. Zancope-Gnatek to Richard Kellerhals and Jane Slater, 382 Middle St., $615,000

Christopher L. Price and Bryan J. Price to Christopher L. Price and Sarah E. Price, 319 West St., $70,000


Stanley E. Jacobs and Rhonda R. Jacobs to Abigail E. Weeks and Sara G. Weeks, 450 Amherst Road, $276,900

Nancy L. Beiermeister to Meng-Chieh Chiu and Yi-Hsien Liu, 85 N. Main St., Unit 30, $290,000

Raymond P. Fontaine Jr. and Theresa H. Fontaine to Paul M. Coyne, 600 State St., $325,000

Alan R. Bourbeau and Cynthia M. Bourbeau to Heather D. Bourbeau and Michael A. Chotkowski, 51 Westview Dr., $390,000

Bell Property Corp to NE General Contractors, Woodland Lane, Lot D, $100,000

Bell Property Corp to NE General Contractors, Woodland Lane, Lot F, $109,000

Bell Property Corp to Bailey Housing LLC, Woodland Lane, Lot C, $85,000


Stanley J. Siwy Jr. to Marc Allen and Nicole Allen, 73 East St., $252,900

Eberlin Joel C Est and Greenfield SB to Donald E. Alexander and Nancy E. Alexander, 287 Loudville Road, $155,000


Dana Smith and Susan Smith to Jamie E. Smith, 42 Cape St., $1


Anujkumar Dhamija and Asha Dhamija to Edwin Vasquez Jr., 336 Chicopee St., $490,000

Scott C. Tencza and Ann E. Tencza to Paul Sahd and Kelly Sahd, 18 Deerbrook Dr., $584,000

Brian R. Anderson to Martha K. Miller and Jon F. Miller, 41 Morgan St., $365,500

Simonich Bertha A Est and Joseph M. Simonich to Michael Pawlishen and Jane Pawlishen, West Street, $220,000


Evelyn L. Hopkins to Thomas L. Valle and Michelle L. Valle, 15 Bristol Lane, $425,000

Edward J. Harrop to Sarah Labrie and Matthew Labrie, Old Mountain Road Lot 2a, $84,000

John P. Waskiewicz to Thomas J. Doubleday, Rocky Hill Road, $20,000

Daniel P. Gray and Marissa L. Gray to Steven F. Johnson and Viviana V. Johnson, 21 Shattuck Road, $585,500

Frank J. Drozdal to John Gallaher, 124 West St., $680,000


Carl A. Schortmann to Paul J. Duda, 30 County Road, $323,000

Peter E. Kratimenos to Kerry Mullins, 977 Dwight St., $187,000

Charlotte Dobiecki to Sherani Weatherington and Michael Weatherington, 91 Elm St., $227,000

Durand RE Investments L to Wajdi Hachicha and Wiam Abid, 95 Elm St., $135,000

Valerie L. Ciszewski and Lauro Ferro to Alves&Son LLC, 216 Homestead Ave., $160,000

Anthony Soto and Lisa Wong to Luis D. DeJesus, 10 James St., $285,000

Alycar Investments LLC to J E. Townsend-Butterwor, 32-34 Lynwood Ave., $298,000

Andrew G. Bousquet to Amanda Semedo, 528 Pleasant St., Unit H, $75,000

Kathleen M. Kooken to Jayme R. Michaud and Erika L. Michaud, 4 Quinn Dr., $175,000

Jahjan LLC to Mark Parent, 128 Westfield Road, $274,900

Kelly Cheryl A Est and Chad A. Kelly to Kristine E. Hayward, 19 Woodland St., $170,000


Caleb R. Damon to Ivy J. Mcclaflin, 1 Allen Coit Road, $115,000

Lazy Lodge T & G Anthony Ryan Tr to Carolyn J. Friedman, Pisgah Road, $70,000


Molly J. Kirejcyk to Nancy J. Pelis, 575 Bridge Road, Unit 7-1, $225,000

Naomi D. London to Gatepoint Enterprises L, 23 Columbus Ave., $575,000

Humphreys James E Est and Lester J. Humphreys to Scott Hunter, 26 Crescent St., Unit 100, $260,000

Humphreys James E Est and Lester J. Humphreys to Michael E Svelnis RET and Michael E. Svelnis Tr, 26 Crescent St., Unit 100, $10,000

W&Joan Callahan FT and David A. Callahan Tr to Catherine L Karowski FT and Catherine L. Karowski T, 40 Dana St., $130,000

Thomas E. Moriarty and Sarah A. Moriarty to Jennifer C. Wilkinson, 1 Florence St., Unit 3, $184,000

Joan M Hart RET and Joan M. Hart Tr to Good View LLC, 11 Michelman Ave., $799,500

Nancy Rhodes-Mcnamara to Shannon B. Reilly, 35 New South St., Unit 301, $430,000

Nancy Rhodes-Mcnamara to Chris A. Kelley and Jacqueline L. Renda, 35 New South St., Unit 312, $415,000

Sunwood Development Cor to James G. Lesniak and Marna Claywoman, 117 Olander Dr., Unit 19, $516,613


WBCMT 2007-C33 Gaylord to E Ink Corp., 55 Carew St, $3,550,000

Laura Chrismer-Edmonds to Joseph Mcgonagle-Irwin and Nadia Fernandez, 28 Charon Terrace, $338,100

Ronald F. Moskal and Nancy L. Moskal to Bernarda DeAza, 5 Dale St., $265,000

WBCMT 2007-C33 Gaylord to E Ink Corp., 7-25 Gaylord St., $3,550,000

William J. Selkirk to Jacqueline Walton, 109 Lyman St., $251,000

Diana A. Steward to Noah Steinhardt and Sara Danitz-Steinhardt, 13 Normandy Road, $520,000

Richard M. Bradley and Linda R. Bradley to Albert P Cordner RET and Albert P. Cordner Tr, 39 Old County Road, $7,500

Bernard J. Smyth Jr and Margaret Smyth-Picornel to Allyson J. Saul, 80 Park St., $250,000

WBCMT 2007-C33 Gaylord to E Ink Corp., 7 Prospect St., $3,550,000


John M. Biela and Eileen M. Biela to Ted A. Forance and Victoria Forance, 5 Kevin Dr., $750,000


Timothy R. Smith to Minuteman Farm LLC, East Main Street, $99,000


Patrick Properties LLC to Jennifer M. Dragon and Brian G. Hopkins, Blueberry Lane, Lot 9, $102,500

Richard L Truehart Jr. L and Richard L. Truehart Jr. to Lisa L. Marney, Main Road, $95,000


Michael Whalen to Michele L. Hardesty, 10 Mountain St., $310,000

Franklin County


Richard Intres and Nancy Intres to Emma Rothenberg-Ware, 926 Watson Spruce Corner Road, $525,000


Paul D. Mervine to Joseph Llamas and Kathy Llamas, 78 River St., $215,600

James H. Wakefield Jr. to Alice Goldfarb, 212 Thompson Road, $258,000


Jonathan M. Chamutka to Samuel C. Price and Merril Marie Miceli, 1 Cross St., $269,000

Barbara J. Stahelski and Mark D. Stahelski to Erika Blauth and Gregory Dewet, 19 Eastern Ave., $379,900


Nancy C. Stroud and Steven H. Stroud to Revocable Indenture of Trust of Nancy C. Stroud, Nancy C. Stroud and Steven H. Stroud, Trustees, 238 Pratt Corner Road, No consideration

Kathleen F. Arcaro and Christopher J. Bergweiler to Eric Labb and Whitney Retallic, 7 Dudleyville Road, $54,000


Lindsay Berry and John Ebbets to Rehno Lindeque, 6B Karen Drive, Unit 6B, Buttonball Meadow Condo. $334,900

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