Area property transfers

Published: 1/9/2017 12:20:52 AM

For week ending December 30, 2016


John F. Stanne Personal Representative, C. Alice Stanne, to Cliff Q. Zeng, Megumi Suzuki, 155 Gray St., Amherst, $370,000.

Irene Nystrom, to Amy R. Hamel, 42 Harris St., Amherst, $315,000.

Haemoon Oh, Miyoung Jeong to Ulrich Holeschovsky,Kerry Holeschovsky, 82 Linden Ridge, Amherst, $604,000.

Nancy B. Eddy Tr, Nancy B. Eddy Revocable Trust, to Ralph P. Hill, Edith S. Howe, 127 Mill Lane, Amherst, $358,500.

West Amherst LLC, to HVV Amherst LLC, 422 Amity St., Amherst, $2,000,000.

Margaret Stebbins, to Freda Peters, Kamil Peters, 1240 West St., Amherst, $243,000.

GC Rental Properties LLC, to Oriental Flavor LLC, 571, Main St., South Whitney St., Amherst, $275,000.

AMHAD Development Corp to Robert T. Wilce, 27 Greenleaves Drive, Amherst, $249,000.

Maureen A. Humpage Tr, Maureen A Humpage Declaration Of Trust to Maureen Humpage, 120 Pulpit Hill Road, Amherst, $1.

Jason M. French Personal Representative, Corey J. French Personal Representative, Gale H. French Est to Jason M. French, Corey J. French, 408 Northampton Road, Route 9, Amherst, $1.


Roger L. Phaneuf, Jeanette B. Phaneuf to Roger K. Phaneuf, Off Jensen Road, Belchertown, $100.

Polina Kislyuk, to Janet M. Lopez, 72 Mountain View Drive, Belchertown, $320,000.

William M. Shea, Sarah E. Shea, to Jeremy J. Gummeson, 372 Amherst Road, Belchertown, $300,000.

Lisa A. Laflamme to Janina Chung, 454 Federal St., Belchertown, $198,000.

Jennifer L. Cote, to Patrick J. Prizio, Shelby L. Prizio, 15 Alden Avenue, Belchertown, $415,000.

Christine M. Fabbo Personal Representative, Frederick P. Fabbo Est, to Larry B. Ibekilo, Mary N. Ibekilo, 11 Martin Circle, Belchertown, $330,000.

Douglas W. Rainaud to Robert Blanchard, 166 Stebbins St., Belchertown, $144,000.

John D.Pawlikowski, to Vicki Ayers, Alan Leone, 200 Boardman St., Belchertown, $225,000.

Bruce Tolpa, Doreen T. Tolpa to Christopher M. Austin, Stefanie Austin, 12 Old Farm Road, Belchertown, $158,000.


Denise M. Donovan, to Gregory E. Monette, 432 Main Road, Route 143, Chesterfield, $100,000.

James S. Loomis to Michael J. Pancione Tr, New Union Trust, 6 East St., Chesterfield, $150,000.

Ryan M. Flanders, Katherine J. Flanders, to Jesse T. McMillan, Jessica L. Wheeler, 59 Cummington Road, Chesterfield, $250,000.


Heremus LLC, Frances R. Daulong, Kevin Daulong to Franklin Land Trust Inc, Cole Road, Cummington, No consideration.


Phyllis M. Press, Judith A .Press Attorney In Fact, to David M. Lepine, Mary E. Lepine, Luke D. Lepine, 250 East St., Easthampton, $169,900.

Edward A. Laprade, to Daniel R. Gebo, 25 Bryan Avenue, Easthampton, $223,000.

Joyce Doherty to Matthew Doherty, 2 Doody Avenue, 2 1/2 Doody AveNUE, Easthampton, $1.

Donna M. Mason, to Lawrence M Crasnick, 11 Oakridge Circle, Easthampton, No consideration .

Joseph Civitarese, Rita Audree Civitarese, Audrey R. Civitarese, Audrey Civitarese, to Joseph Civitarese, Rita Audree Civitarese, Audrey R. Civitarese, Audrey Civitarese 29 Loudville Road, Easthampton, $1.

Nat Turner to Patsy J. Miller, 14 Maine Avenue, Easthampton, $169,000.

Karen M. Ogulewicz , Peter J. Ogulewicz to Mary Beth Ogulewicz , 15 Harvey St., Easthampton, $1.

Donald L. Cykowski Sr, Paula A. Cykowski, to Brian R. Tetreault, Janna E. Tetreault Pomeroy St., Easthampton, $125,000.

Norman L. Roy, Diane M. Roy to James F Soja, Michelle Liu 359 Main St., Easthampton, $340,000.

Kelly C. Melanson, Jon W. Melanson, to Audrey Armstrong, Jeffrey D. Armstrong, 18 Campbell Drive, Easthampton, $220,000.

Peter E. Gomes, Alison J. Gomes to Kelly C. Melanson, Jon W. Melanson, 29 Maple St., Easthampton, $239,900.

David A. Marek II, Bonnie Emerson to Robert D. Marmor, 108 Loudville Road, Easthampton, $250,000.


Nancy E. Murphy to David A. Murphy, 7-9, Main St., Florence, $264,000.

Joslad & Associates Pc, to Jayashankar Rjasekaran, Aiswerya Madanam Sampath, 202 North Main St., Florence, $458,000.

Alan R. Kuusisto, Michael Ryan to Chaya Leia Aronson, 64 West Farms Rd., Florence, $215,000.

Bridge Road LLC, Saloomey Development Inc, to James M. Sagalyn, Jane Herzenberg, 20 Bridge Road, Florence, $561,835.

Sarah C. Clay Personal Representative, Winifred J. Clay Est, to Debra L. Packard, 55 Gilrain Terrace, Florence, $210,000.


Lynn M. Johnson to Nora M. Johnson, Nora M. Desrosiers, Kathleen A. Ginn, Maureen R. Emerson, Aberdeen Road, Goshen, $100.


Edward F. Guzik, Sarah V. Guzik, Sarah V. Wilson to Sarah V. Wilson, 70 Burnett St., Granby, $100.

John G. Deauseault to Pawel Watracz, Marta Watracz, 33 Truby St., Granby, $255,000.


Charles M. Wojewoda, Marcia A. Wojewoda to Cheryl A. Brodowski, 75 Hockanum Road, Hadley, $327,000.

Raymond J. Kostek Jr, Raymond J. Kostek to Raymond J. Kostek Jr, Johanna L. Kostek, 63-65 Lawrence Plain Road, Hadley, $1.

Raymond L. Brown, Cathleen C. Robinson, to Raymond L. Brown Tr, Cathleen C. Robinson Tr, Brown Robinson Family Trust, 134 Middle St., Hadley, $1.

Nancy K. Russell Personal Representative, C. David Russell Est, Clarence D. Russell Est, to Julie K. Russell, 366 River Drive, Hadley, No consideration.

John F. Jekanowski, Leona Jekanowski to USA, Nashua Road, Hadley, $135,000.

Ralph L. Kendall, to John C. Morse, Anne Marie Morse, 19 High Meadow Road, Hadley, $359,000.

US Bank NA Tr, Bank Of New England NA Tr, State Street Bank & Trust Co, to Western Massachusetts Electric Co, 47 Russell St., Hadley, $1,510,000.

Trombone Mass LLC, Western Massachusetts Electric Co, 47 Russell St., Bay Road, 55 Russell St., Route 9, Hadley, $1,850,000.

Paul M. Dibenedetto, Roxane Olevsky to RGINK LLC, 106 North Maple St., Hadley, $1.

Hampshire County

Bank Of America NA, BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP to USA Housing & Urban Development, 5 Ely Avenue, Hampshire County, $1.


Labor Housing Inc, to Betsy Klare Speeter, Eric Bielski, Abigail Speeter Bielski, 50 King St., Hatfield, $550,000.


Cynthia Childs-Hanrahan, JCK Properties LLC, 14 Kingsley Avenue, Haydenville, $82,500.

Cynthia Hanrahan, Cynthia Hanrahan Personal Representative, Bernice A Childs Est, to JCK Properties LLC, Kingsley Avenue, Haydenville, $1.


Betty J. Seymour, Amy Savoy to  Betty J. Seymour, 44 Basket St., Huntington, $100.

Marie Ryan, Marie Ann Ryan, David J. Ryan Tr, Marie Ryan Tr, David J. Ryan & Marie Ryan Declaration Of Trust Norwich Lake, Huntington, $1.

Jeffrey R. Jorritsma, Leah M. Jorritsma to Charles A. Firsch, Ashley A. Firsch, 2 Crescent St., Huntington, $152,400.

David Ryan, Marie Ryan to David J. Ryan Tr, Marie Ryan Tr, David J Ryan & Marie Ryan Declaration Of Trust, Norwich Lake, Huntington, $1.

Timothy J. Seney to Krista Allyn Groleau, 43 County Road, Huntington, $299,000.

Multiple Towns

Leo E Ouellette Jr Tr, Jeannine Kenney Tr, Ouellette Family Nominee Trust, to J & L Realty Management Inc, 95, Aldrich St., 154 Amherst St., Porter St., Multiple Towns, $1.


Tamara A. Lawrence, Jacqueline B. Navedo, Laura M. Soderbaum, Jacqueline Navedo, Laura M Motyl Soderbaum, to Katherine M. Kowalski, 107 Williams St., Northampton, $4,375.

Chicopee Kendall LLC, Hap Inc, to Live Pleasant LP, 155 Pleasant St., Northampton, $1,600,000.

Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, Harmon Law Offices Pc Attorney In Fact, to Polina Kislyuk, 575 Bridge Road, Northampton, $145,000.

Sarah P. Rundquist Tr, Ann L. Gottert Tr, Ann L. Rundquist Tr, Rundquist Family Realty Nominee Trust, to Robert A. Rundquist, Marcea S. Rundquist, 56 Ward Avenue, Northampton, $100.

Susan E. Lavallee Tr, Francis B. Rauch Living Trust, Phyllis I. Rauch Living Trust, to Joseph A. Romanos, Justin M. Brown, 930 Westhampton Road, Northampton, $222,200.

Patsy J. Miller, to Dale A. Canon, 634 Burts Pit Road, Northampton, $254,400.

Matthew R. Wimmer, Amy Toulson, to Andrew Roy Palmore, Mary Sloan Siegrist Palmore, 30 Woodbine Avenue, Northampton, $217,000.

Frank C. Perman Personal Representative, Frank S. Perman Est., to Matthew R. Wimmer, Amy T. Toulson, 27 Woodbine Avenue, Northampton, $275,000.

Kathleen B. O'Neil to Kathleen B. O'Neil Tr, John F & Kathleen
B. O'Neil Family Trust 22 Warner St.,  12 Munroe St., Northampton, $1.

Wright Builders Inc, Walter B. Bruce Tr, Revocable Indenture Of Trust Of Walter B. Bruce, 34, Ford Crossing, Northampton, $500,346.75

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Norwich Properties LLC, 101 Old Ferry Road, Northampton, $90,298.95

Geiger Yalin Chen, Yalin Chen to Andrea Rossi-Reder, 53 Clark Avenue, Northampton, $215,000.

John F Jr, Skibiski, John F Skibiski Realty Partnership, to American Legion Post 28 Home Inc, Lonsdale St., Northampton, $5,000.


Castle 2016 LLC, Rds Group LLC Attorney-In-Fact, to Amy Araujo, Devin Araujo, Jon Montemagni, 166 Daniel Shays Highway, Pelham, $25,500.

James L. Cooley Tr, Brenda R. Cooley Tr, Deborah C. Cooley Tr, Cooley Family Nominee Trust to Susan Altabet, John Stephen Dydo, 75 Amherst Road, Pelham, $125,000.

South Hadley

Brian S. Langevin, Danielle A. Langevin, Danielle A. Smith, to Sean Martin, 30 Susan Avenue, South Hadley, $225,000.

Michael A. Houle, Brenda L. Houle to Jill E. Feingold, 10 Linden Drive, South Hadley, $195,500.

Edward.Lemelin, Jacqueline Lemelin, to Cassandra N. Gingras, 5 Smith St., South Hadley, $140,000.

Revampit LLC, Brenda L. Houle, Michael A. Houle, 4 Ridge Road, South Hadley, $170,000.

Mark Cavanaugh, Maureen Cavanaugh, to Mark Cavanaugh, Maureen Cavanaugh 300 Pearl St., South Hadley, $1.

Richard L. Wilson Personal Representative, Lois A. Wilson Est to Victoria L. Miller, Alan D. Madsen II, 288 North Main St., South Hadley, $175,000.

Leo E. Ouellette Jr Tr, Jeannine Kenney Tr, Lorraine G Ouellette Family Trust, to J & L Realty Management Inc, 40 Sullivan Lane, South Hadley, $1.

David J Lecours, Michael J.Lecours, Elizabeth Nowicki, Robert M. Lecours, to David J Lecours, Michael J.Lecours, Elizabeth Nowicki, Robert M. Lecours, 465 Newton St.,  Lyman St.,  South Hadley, $100.

Gary Kuchta to Gary Kuchta, Jocelyn M. Hemingway, 16 Strong Farm Lane, South Hadley, $1.

Anthony Bartusewich Jr, Ronald J. Podsiadlo, Barbara Palmer to Anthony Bartusewich Jr, Rose Bartusewich, 76 Richview Avenue, South Hadley, $150,000.


Matthew N. Christy, Jean E. Christy to Bryan P. Mackiewicz, Middle Road, Southampton, $6,400.

Gertrude B. Couture, Donna Couture, Linda G. Carswell to Donna Couture, Linda G. Carswell, 4 Montgomery Road, Southampton, $1.

Judith L. Snyder, Donald G. Snyder, to Judith L. Snyder Tr, Donald G. Snyder Tr, Judith L Snyder Declaration Of Trust, 35 Rattle Hill Road, Southampton, $1.

Chester A. Fila to Suzanne C. Pederson, Melissa M. Fila, Christopher E. Fila, 84 Pequot Road, Southampton, $1.

Roberta M. L. Green, Vladimir Bondar, Tatyana Bondar, 74-78 Pequot Road, Southampton, $150,000.

Robin M. Weaver, Jacqueline R. Weaver to Sergey Solomoyuk, Yuliya A. Solomoyuk, 108 Valley Road, Southampton, $355,000.


Paula S. Ramsey to Ivy J McClaflin , 89 Curtis Road, Worthington, $1.



Fannie Mae, by attorney, “aka” Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney, Harmon Law Offices, PC, Attorney, to Michael A. Wickline, of South Deerfield. 590 East Guinea Road. $149,900

William Sheehan and Katherine Robertson to Heather A. Vickery. 198 Maple St. $175,000


John F. Sobieski and Shiang Sobieski to Joseph E. Charnley and Rosemary E. Charlney of Maine. 40 Sugarloaf St. $219,000


David J. VanIderstine and Jean Marie Derderian of New Salem to Linda Caron of Sunderland. 46 Camp Road. $55,000


Ronald W. Korza, Jr. of Southampton, to Jacy R. Birdsong and Emily R. Wood, of Greenfield. 11 Sugarloaf St. Extension. $280,000


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