Food columnist Lou Groccia finally gets to turn on his stove

Friday, December 01, 2017

During our home renovation, now in its third month, most of our kitchen stuff has been packed away in boxes upstairs.

On Monday morning about 3 a.m., we started hearing strange sounds emanating from those boxes.

The frying pans were tapping out long and short sounds that I finally figured out were Morse Code for “If you connect it, we will come.”

The pots were tapping out, “The morning will bring joy.”

The wooden spoons were quivering in anticipation.

The whisks were twirling with excitement.

Was it the Ghost of Cooking Past? Was it the Ghost of Cooking Present? Was it the Ghost of Cooking Yet to Come?

I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. Morning broke with a hub of activity. There was a painter. There was a carpenter. And there was a ... plumber!!!!!

Could it be? Was this the day I’d get a new gas stove?

Why yes, it was. By noon we had a stove hooked up as well as a working kitchen sink.

I could hear my pots and pans and spoons and whisks all making merry sounds upstairs.

Clearly it had been the Ghost of Cooking Yet to Come.

No more bah humbug from me.

Let the spatter commence.


The momentous occasion of Lou’s kitchen being done is coming soon to a theater near you!

We are probably in for at least two more installments of the ongoing process.

Is the suspense killing you? Will the wooden spoons still work? Will Lou actually use the dishwasher? Or use it as a dishrack?

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