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The key to a crisp chopped salad is salting ahead of time
08-09-2019 5:27 PM


A chopped salad, where every ingredient is cut into pieces of about the same size, offers the perfect mixture of flavors and textures in every bite. However, some vegetables get watery and soggy when you chop and dress them, and require extra...

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There is a Season with Molly Parr: Sweet and simple: A rhubarb spoon bread recipe you can tweak to your liking
05-24-2024 11:12 AM


If I’m remembering correctly, the last time I came to this space to talk about rhubarb, I mentioned a rhubarb compote from the book “The Lost Kitchen” by Erin French. The recipe leaned into lemon and worked well with ginger and strawberries.This year...

There is a Season with Molly Parr: Crowd-pleasing potatoes: If you’re not smashing your potatoes, you’re missing out
04-19-2024 11:18 AM


Last column I wrote that I am currently on a pretty limited diet that cuts out certain types of carbs — FODMAP for short (the full acronym stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols). Well, it turns out that a...

There is a Season with Molly Parr: A delicious soup, just not for me: Sharing this Hungarian Sweet and Sour Soup with Farro recipe so others may enjoy it
03-22-2024 9:50 AM


Have you ever loved something that hurt you? I’m not referring to a bad relationship — rather, a dish that you love, but your body hates? Maybe it’s something that gives you a headache, or makes your tummy uncomfortable. For me, it’s this sweet and...

There is a Season with Molly Parr: Inspired by an old favorite: Mushroom Infinity is delicious, vegan and can be gluten-free
02-23-2024 2:21 PM


Not quite 30 years ago, I studied in Manhattan. I had my first computer and went online for the first time. Back then I still found most of my news from actual newspapers, and social media didn’t exist. Even though the “Seinfeld Diner” was practically...

There is a Season with Molly Parr: A galette so good it bore repeating: Lemon Caper Galette, inspired by the Pie Bar, with a Jacques Pepin crust
01-19-2024 11:07 AM


I’ll be first to admit that I look to restaurants for menu inspiration in my own kitchen. Broccoli Caesar Kimchi Salad from Vegan Pizzaland, I’m looking at you. And my friend Andrew, to whom I totally owe the recipe for the Kale Caesar Salad from Paul...

There is a Season with Molly Parr: An improvised warm winter squash salad
01-20-2023 3:43 PM


I’ve been on a bit of a salad binge lately. This is not a New Year’s resolution, mind you – past pandemic resolutions have included eating more burritos (mildly successful), and eating things that really hit the spot (wonderfully successful). This...

Homemade cheese? No whey!
08-04-2019 5:00 AM


Sure, you could craft your own block of cheddar cheese, create some Havarti or whip up a batch of gorgonzola.But why would you want to?Most cheeses require rennet, an enzyme found in the stomach of cows (and sheep and goats). Rennet is what gives...

Displaying articles 1 to 7 out of 7 total.

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