Your Photos: Barred owls in Leverett

Friday, June 08, 2018

Oran Kaufman of Leverett wrote to tell us that he had been hearing barred owls behind his home for years. A week before these pictures were taken, his wife was walking in the woods and found their nest.

“Shortly thereafter I started going back into the woods with my camera and saw the parent owls almost every time I went,” he wrote. “They were always in a tree about 100 feet or so from the nest. There were times when I would see both owls. As the owlets started to get bigger they were more and more visible in the tree hole,” he said. “They finally flew the coop.

Inspired by the photo of one of the owls chomping on a vole, left, he wrote: “My tacky caption ... I can't believe I ate the vole thing.”


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