A Look Back: June 3


For the Gazette

Published: 06-02-2023 11:00 PM

200 Years Ago

■The dead body of a man, judged to be between 40 and 50 years of age, was taken out of the Connecticut River, near the great dam in Gill, on Sunday last. It was thought it must have lain in the water four or five weeks. No clothing or mark was found upon it, from which the name of the deceased could be conjectured.

■Epaphroditus Champion, having discontinued business at Conway and sold his stock and store, earnestly requests all persons indebted to him to make payment; also, all who have open accounts to close them without delay, either by payment or by note, with Edmund Clark, who will give constant attendance at said store for that purpose.

100 Years Ago

■The garage in which George S. Gere kept his car was locked and bolted on Sunday night when Mr. Gere’s car was stolen, and the thief must have forced an entrance. The garage is always locked, whether in use or vacant.

■I. Fine, who operates several army and navy goods stores in Vermont, New Hampshire and in other cities in this state, is to open a similar store in the Gleason building at the corner of Pearl and Pleasant streets. He will carry a complete line of army and navy goods.

50 Years Ago

■Springfield Diocese school officials are considering the merger of Annunciation School in Florence and St. Michael’s School due to an unusually sharp drop in enrollments over the past six years. The two schools expect a combined total of only 22 first graders this September, a “dramatic” decline, said the Rev. E. Karl Huller.

■Dr. J. Englebert Dunphy, Northampton Mayor Sean Dunphy’s uncle, has been named president-elect of the Harvard Medical Alumni Association. Dr. Dunphy, brother of Judge Edwin Dunphy, was born in Northampton, and is currently chair of surgery at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco.