Two free on bail on cocaine trafficking charge; warrant issued for 3rd defendant

Hampshire County Courthouse

Hampshire County Courthouse GAZETTE FILE PHOTO


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Published: 02-02-2024 10:54 AM

NORTHAMPTON — Two people stopped by State Police while traveling on I-91 in August were arraigned Thursday in Hampshire Superior Court on charges of cocaine trafficking and conspiracy to violate drug laws following indictment by a grand jury.

James Williams, 44, and Tenika McFarlane, 41, both of New York, pleaded not guilty to the charges and were released on bail previously posted in Northampton District Court of $10,000 and $7,500 respectively.

A third defendant, 40-year-old Rachel Workman of Vermont, did not appear for arraignment, and Judge Edward McDonough issued a default warrant for her arrest at the request of Assistant District Attorney Andrew Covington.

The three were traveling north on the night of Aug. 29 and were pulled over because the Vermont plate on the car produced no results on a computer search, according to the criminal complaint filed by State Police. After noticing a small, bejeweled plastic container in the back seat of the vehicle, police began searching further, allegedly turning up approximately 350 grams of cocaine in total.

Police said they determined the vehicle was, in fact, registered but apparently had not been entered into the Vermont Registry.

Williams was represented in court by defense attorney Kathryn Malone, and attorney Everald Henry represented McFarlane. The next court date in the case was scheduled for April 19.