Joseph Morse: Where is your voice?

Lum3n/via Pexels

Lum3n/via Pexels Lum3n/via Pexels

Published: 01-12-2024 1:12 PM

Modified: 01-12-2024 8:22 PM

Has anyone fasted for Sudan? 10,000-plus dead. Thousands more wounded. Russia and Ukraine? Russia’s military casualties are approaching 300,000. The number includes as many as 120,000 deaths and 170,000 to 180,000 injured troops.

The Russian numbers dwarf the Ukrainian figures, which officials put at close to 70,000 killed and 100,000 to 120,000 wounded. Anyone calling for a cease-fire? More than 6,000 civilians killed in Myanmar, 2 million displaced. Where is your voice? The U.N. warns that 400,000 of the 6.6 million Somalis in need of aid are facing famine-like conditions, and 1.8 million children are at risk of acute malnutrition. What are you doing?

Congo, my goodness, nearly 6 million dead since 1995. The U.N. says the number of displaced people reached a record high of 6.9 million as fighting renders more of the country unsafe for civilians. And here in the U.S. in 2023, more than 40,000 gun deaths. Does that bring you into the streets?

Where’s your voice? Demand. Release the hostages. Disarm Hamas.

Joseph Morse