Larry Cervelli: The silence of Chief Justice Roberts

Published: 08-22-2023 8:18 PM

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts reads the polls like I do. The standing of the Supreme Court in the eyes of the public has plummeted under his lack of leadership and is now almost nonexistent.

The court’s ruling on abortion has resulted in the direct loss of women’s bodily autonomy and enabled a tiny minority of extremists to insert themselves between professionally prepared physicians and their patients. He has been silent. At least two of the justices lied during their confirmation hearings. One has been exposed as repeatedly in violation of ethics laws.He has been silent.

What has he done about these very important issues that have directly assaulted the integrity of the court and diminished its reputation as a fair and unbiased body? Nothing that I know about.

If he has been speaking out in any forum, it is unknown to the public. I believe he has been silent. When he accepted appointment to the court, did he not have intentions to make this a more just society, or was it simply to have his photo hanging on the wall for posterity? Has he no words to express disdain for the attack on the court and state and local courts by those who would gladly substitute political might for right?

John Lewis spoke eloquently about making “good trouble.” As far as I can tell by Roberts’ lack of effort, he has no intention to resist the tide of rising social injustice. He has been silent. Is it fear, lack of conviction or just laziness? He must end his silence.

Larry Cervelli

West Chesterfield


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