Sylvia Lapinski: Sad to lose Connecting Point

Published: 05-03-2023 7:39 PM

Recently, I watched an episode of Connecting Point on NEPM which included a segment about a local musician, Sarah the Fiddler. It was very cool to see one of the dozens of talented artists in the small hilltowns of western Massachusetts spotlighted in this way. This show has led me to different walking trails, museums, artisans and many other delights I would not find on my own.

So imagine my dismay to learn that NEPM has eliminated the show and laid off all the people involved with making it, in a recent round of layoffs. It is so rare to have the gems of our very rural area highlighted, and Connecting Point did that consistently. According to the news, NEPM has no plans to bring back the show. How sad.

Sylvia Lapinski



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