Area property deed transfers, April 4



Published: 04-03-2024 11:05 AM


Marie E Armentano 2022 T and Marie E. Armentano to Grantwood LLC,36 Grantwood Dr., $416,000

Ryan Karb and Susan Karb to Kayvon Ross and Cyrus Safizadeh, 251-253 Pelham Road, $302,000

Bidwell James N Est and Torsten Bidwell to Yeon S. Kim, 170 Pine St., $420,000


228 Amherst LLC to Mark Wallace, 228 Amherst Road, $176,500

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Stoneyfield Farm LLC to Burgundy Brk Land & Cattl, Franklin Street, $400,000

Matthew H. Caldwell 5th and Madison M. Caldwell to Arpc LLC, 425 Mill Valley Road, $230,000

Paul A. Valentine and Lisa J. Valentine to Adam Nyzio, 475 S. Washington St., $649,900

Justin Stockwell to Amber Oreilly, 85 Underwood St., $427,000


Charles Valencik and Paula Valencik to Noah Galko and Briana Cristofori, Bissell Road, Lot 2, $46,500


Pah Properties LLC to Aaron Onidi and Danielle Onidi, 140 Everett St., $394,500

Reyor Theresa A Est and Robert F. Reyor to Cornerstone Hmbuying LLC,155 Loudville Road, $100,000


Jendrysik Ft and Mark Dion to Kevin Lizotte, 7 Breezy Lane, $320,000

Martha Giroux to Wesley Calhoun and Camille Blomdahl, 148 Porter St., $485,000

Leo E. Fugler Jr. to Patrick R. Fugler and Olesya P. Fugler, 12 Truby St., $258,500


John S. Kelley III and Marci-Anne R. Kelley to Devine Brothers LLC, Roosevelt Street, $325,000


Susan Diggins to Leah Terrell and Leonard Roger, 22 Bridge St., $225,000


Christine Torda to Scott Lacombe and Nikolaus Lacombe, 42 Evergreen Dr., $350,000

Northern Flooring & Remod to Adrian Cruz, 36-38 Gates St., $435,000

Bigelow David Est and E S. Ghazey-Bates to Segundo A. Alvacora Lala, 267 Jarvis Ave., $265,000

Real Est Invs Northeast L to Johnna N. Caizan Torres, 289-291 Main St., $127,000

Citizens Bank Na to Pamela Connors and Kelly Battles, 1103 Main St., $153,000

Melissa M. Ostrander to Alec T. Rackliffe and Erica H. Grenger, 24 Maple Crest Circle, Lot L, $195,000

Gerald Glasser to Yanissel Sanchez, 110-112 Nonotuck St., $339,000

Chad D. Alexander to Elizabeth A. Lotter, 73-75 Pearl St., $318,000

Amanda Bialas and Adam Bialas to Jaminton Palma, 53 Pine St., $385,000


Terry LLC to Beyond Green Const Inc., Goss Hill Road, $37,500


Bixby Anne L Est and Margo E. Welch to Maxim Mireyev and Simone Lapray, 908 Bridge Road, $265,000

Oconnell Hawley LLC to P Subakeesan, 10 Hawley St., Lot 2C, $695,000

Shirley D. Connelly and Eugene J. Daniels to Gary Hawkins and Susan J. Godfrey, 29 Summer St., $445,000

Christopher Colby and Beverly Colby to Bourgeois Properties LLC and Michael Pickett, 10 Wright Ave., $410,000


Walker Robert J Est and Daniel Q. Walker to Khoder Hamdan and Hoda Hamdan, 76 Amherst Road, $400,000

Isa Wang to Julie Gimbrone and Amanda E. Lewis, 378 Daniel Shays Hwy, $415,000


Dawn Kessell to Jason Fernandes and Kelly Gearin, 1 Alvord Place, Lot 1, $285,000

Brian H. Lyons and Michele I. Lyons to Alex J. Tremblay and Kimberly Dout, 16 Pershing Ave., $475,000

John T. Conner to Evan Conley and Molly R. Jauhar, 35 San Souci Dr., $660,000


Marilyn E. Niquette and James E. Niquette to Erich J. Lamb and Ashley E. Lamb, 15 Longview Ave., $376,500


Abbott Gray RT and Jacqueline G. Leighton to Alan E. Cottle, Old Goshen Road, Lot 3, $800,000

Abbott Gray RT and Jacqueline G. Leighton to Alan E. Cottle, Old Goshen Road, Lot 2, $800,000

Abbott Gray RT and Jacqueline G. Leighton to Alan E. Cottle, Old Goshen Road, Lot 4, $800,000

Catherine A. Higgins and Stephen R. Higgins to Catherine A. Higgins, 14 S. Main St., $600,000

Franklin County


4 Industrial Drive West LLC to Norava Deerfield LLC, 4 Industrial Drive West, $1,400,000


Jack Radetsky and Susan L. Friedman to Joshua J. Kenney, 11 Plumtree Road, $1,200,000


Daniel J. Hurwit and Rachel E. Halperin to Libon Family Revocable Trust and Robert Libon, Laurel Mountain Road, $50,000

Lawrence J. Gregoire Estate and Eileen M. Seymour to Kyle R. Keith, 135 Long Plain Road, $310,000