Area property deed transfers, June 25

Published: 6/23/2021 4:45:44 PM


Alan E. Harchik and Amy J. Harchik to Anthony J. Willmer and Anjuli J. Willmer, 239 Aubinwood Rd, $485,000

Kelly J. Light to Michael R. Chunyk, 34 Baker St., $450,000

Ting FT and Agnes C. Ting Tr to John W. Kinchla and Amanda J. Kinchla, 35 Butterfield Terrace, $465,000

Seunghun Kang and Eunsuk Song to Hesu Realty LLC, 8 Eaton Court, Unit 8, $244,000

Paul M. Guimond and Christine M. Guimond to Ralph A Hewes LT and Anne R. Homme Tr, 27 Green Leaves Dr., Unit 717, $280,000

Jon P. Foster and Wendi Weber to Victoria Risk, 429 Henry St., $679,900

Anne-Marie E. Sheerman and Dawn M. West to Sarah R. Fitzgerald, 16 Hitching Post Road, $360,000

Bercume Construction LL to Kelley J. Sung-Scarmeas, 111 Lindenridge Road, $784,000

Richard J. Mckeown to Dickinson Street LLC, 21 Sunrise Ave., $260,000

Christopher L. Monteiro to Good View LLC, 245 West St., $330,000


Summer Hl Ests Dev LLC to Faheem Bawa and Farida Arif, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, Unit 80, $350,200

Heather L. StGermaine and Jeffrey R. StGermaine to Grigory Yanovsky and Liliya Yanovskiaya, 34 Emily Lane, $505,000

Alison Waterbury-Bates and Marco A. Guzman to Laura Madden, 80 Jackson St., $250,000

Eileen F. Farrington and William Farrington to Renata Dudek, 200 Oakridge Dr., $430,000

Christopher M. Ronkese and Debbie-Jo Wiley to John E. Nelson and Cathey M. Nelson, 35 Oasis Dr., $659,900

Hudson S. Allen and Doreen F. Allen to Armida R. Fruzzetti and Alan E. Fruzzetti, 360 Stebbins St, $450,000

Hickory Hills Realty LL to J N Duquette&Son Const, Sycamore Circle, Lot Cn, $115,000

Hickory Hills Realty LL to J N Duquette&Son Const, Sycamore Cir, Lot Ct, $115,000

Hickory Hills Realty LL to J N Duquette&Son Const, Sycamore Circle, Lot Cv, $115,000


Laine W. Wilder to Lauren Rosa & Roberto Rosa, 113 Indian Hollow Road, $365,000

Thomas E. Dawson-Greene and Tracy L. Dawson-Greene to Christopher Greenwood and Alexandria King, Willicutt Road, $120,000


Ralph R. Morton and Cheryl A. Morton to Leah Morton, 23 E. Maple St., $252,000

Klin Edmund J Est and Linda S. Pogue to Holly R. Klin, 134 Holyoke St., $139,264

Herman Copen RET and John R. Copen Tr to Maureen A. Pion, 4 Laura Ave., Unit 2, $259,900

Cinzia Pica to Diana R. Spurgin, 54 Ward Ave., Unit 54, $309,900


Premier Home Builders I to Kinga S. Legowski and Ireneusz Legowski, 67 East St., $349,900

Derek Swistak and Jessica Funk-Swistak to Sarah A. Baki, 97 East St., $240,000

Wendy Garnett to Erin Traniello and Kyle Engasser, 188 Taylor St., $450,000


James R. Cadenhead and Tamara B. Cadenhead to Chad W. Brown and Shannon I. Brown, 1 Crestview Dr., $432,000

Christina J. Olson and William E. Olson to Matthew J. Pfannenstiel and Toni L. Morelli, 121 East St., $263,900

J T&Adele J Westort LT and Denise A. Clark Tr to Irene Costello, 7 West St., $414,415


Laurel Saia to Marissa Saia, 35 Evergreen Dr., $249,000

Mark J. Rodgers to Adrienne M. Hornby, 2 Francis Ave., $305,000

Jude Prych and Theresa Manthripragada to Jude Prych and Theresa Manthripragada, 957 Homestead Ave., $275,000

Amanda J. Nugent to Mary Webster and Conor Webster, 203 Michigan Ave., $261,200

David T. Lizotte to Jeffrey L. Damico and Iedes C. Damico, 15-17 Oakwood Ave., $252,000

Maritza Perez to Elizabeth Lopez, 44 Portland St., $228,000

Miguel A. Ortiz and Carmen L. Ortiz to Daniel W. Sullivan, 308 Rock Valley Road, $240,000


Stephen M. Burke to Kevin L. Rodriguez, Town Hill Road, $26,500


Lori A. Newman and Beverly F. Trushaw to Susan M. Bell, 399 Bridge Road, Unit B, $300,000

Marnie K. Ogrady and Seth W. Ryan to Jocelyn B. Jones, 80 Damon Road, Unit 3204, $170,000

Gary F. Bivona to Day Avenue Properties L, 34 Day Ave., $500,000

Kimberly A Mahoney LT and Kimberly A. Mahoney Tr to Thomas E. Powell and Alane F. Powell, 345 Elm St., $847,000

Nelly Carmona to Kirstin and Richard Frankenstein, 64 Hatfield St., $295,000

Janet I. Clark and Norbert J. Salz to Alan Verson and Paula Verson, Kennedy Road, $10,000

Kotker FT and David E. Kotker Tr to Jane Gish and Kristopher Banks, 45 Lyman Road, $650,000

William Hannigan and Stacy L. Page to Leigh E. Figueroa-Starr and Tamara E. Levi, 67 Milton St., $455,200

John T. Geryk and Julie S. Martyn to Hanna Leibl and Paige Hill, 89 Oak St., $561,671

Pombridge Manor LLC to Elizabeth I Read LT and Elizabeth I. Read Tr, 5 Pomeroy Terrace, Unit 3, $327,500

Patrick A. Fleming and Janet L. Kelly to Nada Kawar and Melanie Greenman, 274 Prospect St., $510,000

Bruce Harrison Jr. and Viktoriia Harrison to Dingzhi Chen and Jianping Zheng, 23 Randolph Place, Unit 113, $195,000


Ezbicki Virginia A Est and Leonard Ezbicki to Harry Brakeley IV, Buffam Road, $215,000

Thomas C. Crossman to Jennifer M. Weaver and Donnie Blackwell, 12 Shutesbury Road, $236,000


Lauren E. Obregon and Mayo A. Obregon to Voula Ogrady and Alexis Mcquilkin, 33 Boynton Ave., $333,000

David W. Bernier and Joanne C. Bernier to Greta Currie, 98 Granby Road, $374,000

Richard E. Murphy Sr. to Daniel Ehret, 540 Granby Raod, Unit 17c, $65,000

John R. Rigalis and Dorothy R. Rigalis to Hadley Street Sh LLC, 11 Hadley St., $535,000

Devon S. Smith to Christine Torres, 97 Pine Grove Dr., Unit 97, $360,000

Raymond G. Simon to Kimberly Cook and Amy Jamrog, 22 Ridge Road, $265,000

E F Damours T and Ronald E. Fleury Tr to Laurel Francke and Mohsen Gharib, 26 San Souci Dr., $465,000

Emily K. Sorbi and Nicholas T. Sorbi to Jennifer G. Stasinos, 14 Summit St., $279,800

Kristina E. Manniello and Raymond Manniello to Harvey Ashman and Linda Doucette-Ashman, 3 Sunrise Circle, $621,000


Jonathan M. Levin to Joseph J. Houle and Monica J. Houle, 10 Gunn Road Extension, $120,000


Jonathan D. Meyer to Brian C. Perez, 14 Church St., $268,000

Joel J. Harder to 13 North LLC, 13 North St., $300,000

Jeffrey M. Allard and Patricia Norman-Simpson to Home4you LLC, 17 Sherwin St., $90,000


Cynthia Maciaga to Gary Wickland and Darlene Kennedy, Northwest Road, $80,000

Gordon M. Scallion and Cynthia M. Keyes to Mccutcheon Dev LLC, Reservoir Road, Lot 2-1, $69,000


Justin A. Barton and Shanti E. Barton to Boris A. Samarov and Mary Blakeney-Bell, 479 Old North Rd, $427,900

Franklin County


5 Cross St. $371,000. B: Jennifer E. Healy and Emily M. Hunsicker. S: RPF LLC.

31 Graves St. $435,100. B: Andrew R. Gaylord and Emily S. Gaylord. S: Michael A. Abbate and Gwendolyn C. Trumbull.

131 North Main St. $220,000. B: Judith Rathbone, S: Vera Mark.

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