Woman seriously injured by thrown chair at Northampton eatery

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Monday, May 07, 2018

NORTHAMPTON — An Amherst man denied charges Monday that he threw a chair during a disturbance at a downtown restaurant that struck a woman, causing multiple skull fractures and resulting in 14 stitches, according to court documents.

Jayson Renard Stinson, 34, pleaded not guilty in Northampton District Court to charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon resulting in serious bodily injury and disorderly conduct. Stinson was arrested Saturday at 2 a.m. outside Local Burger, at 16 Main St.

Police were called to the restaurant for a report of a fight that just occurred which resulted in the woman being injured. When officers arrived, they found a man, later identified as Stinson, walking away from the restaurant while being screamed at by another man, according to a report written by Northampton Patrol Officer Heather Longley.

Officers spoke with Stinson, who yelled at officers that “he had done nothing wrong and got ‘jumped’ at Local Burger,” Longley wrote. When he was told he hit someone with a chair, he responded that he had picked it up to defend himself, according to Longley’s report. Stinson had a small cut above his right eye and swelling on the right side of his face near his cheek, Longley wrote.

An employee of Local Burger told officers she saw two men fighting and yelling when one of them picked up a chair and threw it across the room at the other man but missed and hit a woman. The two men then started “brawling on the floor,” according to Longley’s report.

The 24-year-old woman had a “significant cut on her forehead,” which required 14 stitches to close and will likely result in a permanent scar, Longley wrote. Another officer’s report states that the woman needed a CT scan, which confirmed she suffered three skull fractures. The woman will also need reconstructive surgery on her forehead due to the size of the scar, Northampton Patrol Officer Jessica Sullivan wrote.

Stinson told officers numerous times he did not mean to hit the woman and was concerned about her condition, according to court documents.

Stinson was arrested and taken to the police station for booking during which he continually stated he was “jumped” and was “defending himself,” Northampton Patrol Officer Garrett Wojcicki wrote. The incident, Stinson told police, began earlier in the night at Platform Sports Bar when a group of people were bothering him and calling him names, Wojcicki wrote.

“At Local Burger Stinson was standing in the restaurant when three males and a female approached him and started to circle around him stating they were going to fight him. The four people surrounding Stinson were from the group that was calling him names at Platform Sports Bar,” Wojcicki wrote. “Stinson stated he felt threatened and picked up a chair with both hands to defend himself. As one of the male parties continued to approach him, Stinson swung the chair at him. The male party deflected the chair with his forearm, which then flung out of Stinson’s hands, striking a female in the face.”

Initially cooperative, Stinson started having difficulty answering questions and stated he had a headache and felt dizzy and was taken by ambulance to Cooley Dickinson Hospital, according to Wojcicki’s report. While en route, Wojcicki wrote that Stinson became less responsive to the point where he was unable to answer questions and could not keep his eyes open.

Court documents indicate he was treated at the hospital. He was later released on $500 cash bail.

Following his arraignment Monday morning, Stinson was released on conditions that he stay away from Local Burger and have no contact with the woman. He is being represented by attorney David Mintz.

Stinson’s next court appearance is scheduled for June 22.

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