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Area property deed transfers


Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Paul M. Dibenedetto, Roxane Olevsky, 286-288 Belchertown Road, Amherst, $330,000.

Aurora Loan Services LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 286-288 Belchertown Road, Amherst,$1.

Scott F. Garrett, University Of Massachusetts Alumni Of Delta Upsilo, to Scott F. Garrett, 778 North Pleasant St., Amherst, $500,000.

Seminar Scandinavian to Barbara L. Hawley, James A. Lumley, Dickinson Lane, 24 Dickinson St., Amherst,$306,000.

Ann T. O’Connor, Joy O’Connor, Stephen Schwartz William T. O’Connor, to Roger Plasse, Sandra Plasse, 26 Greenleaves Drive, Amherst, $151,000.

Kayak LLC to Sarah W. Auerbach, Scott M. Auerbach, 11 Duxbury Lane, Amherst, $1.

Donald E. Kroodsma, Donald Kroodsma, Melissa P. Kroodsma to Melissa P. Kroodsma, 36 Kettle Pond Road, Amherst, $1.


J Christian Sorensen, Jens Christian Sorensen, to Christina H. Cornell, Jens Christian Sorensen, 300 Ireland St., Chesterfield, $1.

Katherine F. Gilfillan to Alison F. Downing, David L. Fobes, North Road, Willcutt Road, Chesterfield, $100.


Jean H. Dunham Jr. Power Of Attorney, Jean H Dunham, Jr., to Town Cummington, 38 Main St., Cummington, $69,900.


Louise M. Micka Irrevocable Trust, Lousie M. Micka, Sara J. Gross to Louise M. Micka, 98 Park Hill Road, Easthampton, $1.

Christine M. Fields Nartowicz, Philip J. Nartowicz, to Countrywide Bank FSB, Countrywide Bank NA Bank Of America NA, 312 Main St., Easthampton, $128,759.67

Countrywide Bank FSB, Countrywide Bank NA, Bank Of America NA to Federal National Mortgage Association, 312 Main St., Easthampton, $1.

Robert G. Landry to Kevin A. Perrier, Norwich Properties, 123-133 Union St., Easthampton, $300,000.


Christopher T. St George, Ilene K. Gerhardt, to Christopher T. St George, 25 Drewsen Dr, Florence, $1.

Wendy J. Ellerbrook to Michael M. Ellerbrook, Thomas R. Ellerbrook, 23 Pioneer Knolls, Florence, $1.

Ray A. Ellerbrook, Wendy J. Ellerbrook, to Wendy J. Ellerbrook, 23 Pioneer Knolls, Florence, $1.

Christopher T. St George to Christopher T. St George, Ilene K. Gerhardt, 25 Drewsen Dr, Florence, $1.


Claire T. Therrien to Adele M. Provost, Larry J. Provost, Hammond Acres, Goshen, $1.


Sarah F. Misiaszek, Sarah F. Sambor, Thomas W. Sambor to Colin W. Boone, 29 Trompke Ave., Granby, $195,000.

Rita E. Fishburn-Gibbs, Mark E. Gibbs, Rita E. Fishburn-Gibbs to Mark E. Gibbs, 138 Carver St., Granby, $100.

Catherine E. Barnes, Catherine E. Kagan, Todd A. Kagan to Catherine E. Kagan, Todd A. Kagan, 111 Morgan St., Granby, $1.


James C. Hendricks to James C. Hendricks, Susan L. Hall, 239 Bay Road, Hadley, $1.

Barbara J. Hendricks to James C. Hendricks, 239 Bay Road, Hadley, $1.

Kestrel Trust to Thomas N. Harris, Off Huntington Rd, Hadley,$13,500.


Harold F. Green, Melissa B. Green, to Harold F. Green, 48 Main St., Hatfield, $1.


Leah R. Kunkel to Melissa A. Bressette, 16 Skyline Trail, Middlefield, $335,000.

Multiple Towns

Rosemary M. Skiba, Walter J. Skiba, to Bonnie R Reilly, Tr., Walter J. & Rosemary M. Skiba Irrevocable Trust, 10 Bristol Lane, 41 Hatfield St., Multiple Towns, $1.

David R Morin, Jr., Executor, David R. Morin, Donald P. Morin to David R Morin, Tr., Northwest Road, Multiple Towns, no consideration.


Doris A. Willard, Harold F. Willard, to Chad D. Willard, Michael F. Willard, Ryan W. Willard, Todd F. Willard, Tracy A. Willard, Old Rainbow, Old Rainbow Hill, Northampton, $1.

Kathleen M. Enz to Kendra Lee Brown, Neil Paul Taylor, Bridge Rd Extension, Old Bridge Road, Pine Brook Curve, 23 Pinebrook Curve, Northampton, $195,000.

Mary B. Bredbury Revocable Trust, Seth K Bredbury, to Seth K. Bredbury, 18 Warburton Way, Northampton, $100.

Joseph V. Pater to Joseph V. Pater, Magda M. Oiry, 172 Crescent St., Northampton, $1.

Charles F. Lyons, Susette D. Lyons, to CFL Revocable Trust, Charles F Lyons, Tr., Robert A Corash, Tr. Susette D Lyons, Tr., 186 North Elm St., Northampton, $1.

South Hadley

William C. Hogg to Walter Zebrowski, 16 Laurie Ave., South Hadley, $100.

Harold W. Lamb, Jr., Executor, Stephen W Lamb, to Emilio Frattaruolo, 5 Burnett Road, South Hadley, $167,500.

Huguette M. Supinski, John F. Supinski, to Eric D Supinski, tr., Marc J. Supinski, tr., Supinski Irrevocable Trust, 5 Berwyn St Extension, South Hadley, $100.

Brian T. Johnson to Kristine Maguire, 126 East St., South Hadley, $1.

William C Hogg, William C Hogg Living Trust, to William C. Hogg, 16 Laurie Ave., South Hadley, $100.

Pearl H. Hogg Living Trust, William C Hogg, to William C. Hogg, 16 Laurie Ave., South Hadley, $100.

Louise W. Fountaine to Guy Pelletier, Louise W. Fountaine, 11 Kimberly Dr, South Hadley, $100.

Bank Of America NA to USA Housing & Urban Development, 31-33 North Main St., South Hadley, $10.


Richard R. Boyle to Christine C. Guyette, George Guyette, Julianne J. Guyette, 26 Hillside Meadows Drive, Southampton, $265,000.


Mary W. Foster to Mary W. Foster Irrevocable Trust, Wendy Connell, Tr., 86 South St., Williamsburg, $1.

Mary W. Foster, William B. Foster, to Wendy Connell, 90 South St., Williamsburg, $1.

Franklin County


Elizabeth A. (Bysiewski) Wright to Elizabeth A. Wright and Leigh E. Wright, 10 Sunrise Avenue, $1.


Joseph P. Zuraw and Celia M. Zuraw of Hadley to Beneficial Massachusetts, Inc. of Brandan, FL. 122 old Amherst Road, $186,330.

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