Mary H. Hall: Questions how to achieve better relations with Russia

Sunday, April 30, 2017
How to achieve better relations with Russia?

A letter published April 26 (“Concern over illegal act of military aggression”) expresses anxiety over the recent U.S. cruise missile attack on a Syrian air base.

The writer would perhaps be in agreement with a scholar of Russia named Stephen Cohen, who recently expressed grave concern over the post-strike status of Russian-American relations on the independent news program, “Democracy Now.”

I share what I believe would be the letter writer’s view, that better relations between our country and Russia are a worthy goal. The question is, how to achieve this desired outcome.

President Putin has shown how he would like to see it happen, namely by installing a president in our country who he expects will see things his way. In this way, Russia might contribute to our country by bringing us the corruption and crackdowns on civil rights that are afflicting them there. I consider Russia has benefits to offer us here, but they are not these.

In my own view, standing against the president is a way of standing for improved relations between the American and Russian peoples. It can be hard to oppose a sitting president when many opine we must want him to succeed so our country can fare well.

For my part, I do not see that our people can benefit from a successful implementation of anti-government in government, nor can denial of climate reality help our country and our world. I am in favor of superseding the kleptocracy now prevailing in both Washington and Moscow.

Mary H. Hall

South Hadley