Kid costumes: What are you going to be for Halloween?

  • Students at R.K. Finn Ryan Road School in Northampton told us about their Halloween costumes, favorite candy and more. STAFF PHOTOS/KEVIN GUTTING

  • Keira Cole, 8, has two favorite candies: Kit Kat and Twix. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN GUTTING

  • Annika Kotel-Behr, 8, is going to dress up as “a microwave with a fork and food inside it” for Halloween this year. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN GUTTING

  • Kenneth Sid, 6, is going to dress up as a bat skeleton. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN GUTTING

  • Josiah Dawson, 8, said his favorite part of Halloween is “staying up late, going to parties, and being with friends.” STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN GUTTING

  • Avery Hicks, 7, said her favorite Halloween candy is Airheads. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN GUTTING

  • Drew Hicks, 5, is going to dress up as Bob the Builder. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN GUTTING

  • Nora Daniell, 5, said she is going to look for Smarties and chewy caramel while trick-or-treating. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN GUTTING

  • Felix Bain-Purdy, 8, is going to dress up as a vampire. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN GUTTING

  • George Mickelsen Lynch, 10, is going to dress up as the Lord of the Rings character Gollum. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN GUTTING

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Published: 10/26/2019 6:53:00 AM

NORTHAMPTON — Looking for a Halloween costume idea? We turned to the kids at R.K. Finn Ryan Road Elementary School to get some costume inspiration.

Responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Keira Cole, 8, third grade

Best past costume: Three times I was Wonder Woman, and for one year I was Supergirl.

Favorite part of Halloween: I like to go out with my friends and trick or treat. I like to go to my teacher's house — she gives out good candy.

Favorite candy: I have two: Kit Kat and Twix.

Annika Kotel-Behr, 8, third grade

Halloween costume: A microwave with a fork and food inside it. A fork because it’s scary. Forks do not go inside microwaves.

How will you dress as a microwave? A cardboard box and fork. I’m planning to wear it on my head.

How did you get the idea? Looking at a microwave.

Best past costume: Bernie Sanders. Me, my mom and my stepdad dressed up as Bernie Sanders.

Kenneth Sid, 6, first grade

Halloween costume: A bat skeleton. I just feel like a bat is my favorite animal and I just want to be a skeleton. 

​​​​​​Favorite part of Halloween: Getting the candy.

Favorite candy: Reese's caramel candies.

Josiah Dawson, 8, third grade

Halloween costume: An inflatable dinosaur. It just seemed cool. It’s tall and maybe glow in the dark. 

Best past costume: Harry Potter. My mom made me this cloak, and I still have it in my room. We drew the scar.

Favorite part of Halloween: Staying up late, going to parties, and being with friends.

Drew Hicks,“Four. Wait, five,” kindergarten 

Halloween costume: Bob the Builder, because it’s my favorite show.

How do you dress like him? You just have to put it (the costume) on.

Nora Daniell, 5, kindergarten

Halloween costume: I’m going to be a vampire because I think it’s cool.

What will you wear? A cape and pretend fangs.

Favorite part of Halloween: My favorite part is trick-or-treating and candy. I want to look for Smarties and some chewy caramel.

Is it your favorite holiday? Yes — other than Christmas.

Felix Bain-Purdy, 8, third grade

Halloween costume: A zombie

Favorite Halloween candy: Twix.

Best past costume: Werewolf. I bought the mask and costume.

Avery Hicks, 7, second grade

Halloween costume: I’m going to be a vampire. I just really like vampires. 

Favorite Halloween candy: I would say Airheads.

How are you celebrating the holiday? I’m going to my grandparents' house. 

George Mickelsen Lynch, 10, fourth grade

Halloween costume: I’m going to be Gollum from Lord of the Rings. I enjoy fantasy such as D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) and Lord of the Rings. I’ve watched the movies and listened to the audiobooks. 

What will you wear? Bald cap, a string with some cloth on it for a loincloth, and gray pajamas.

Best past costume: I’ve been Athena from Greek mythology — she’s the goddess of wisdom. I consider myself a nerd.

Favorite part of Halloween: I get to escape from worrying about things. It’s a chance to escape from stuff and get out of this world.

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