Vicki Elson: What's even more important than the next president?

Published: 07-10-2024 6:00 PM

Modified: 07-10-2024 8:55 PM

As I write, my NuclearBan.US colleagues are sweltering in Washington, D.C., urging members of Congress to remember that no matter who is president, we must do much more, right now, to address the twin existential threats of climate and nuclear war.

What if we abolished nukes and spent the money — and the brainpower — on serious climate solutions? Refreshingly, there’s a bill in Congress (HR 2775) that boldly nails down the sensible “warheads to windmills” end of the spectrum. HR 2775 directs the U.S. to sign the global Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, work with the other eight nuclear nations on disarmaments, and convert the resources from WMDs to climate work and other pressing human needs.

It busts the myth of “deterrence” — that somehow these obscenely expensive, hair-trigger, accident-prone machines somehow keep us “safe.” There’s also a resolution in Congress (HRes 77) that suggests taking steps to reduce nuclear danger. Both have roots with activists in Northampton, and our Rep. Jim McGovern strongly supports both. Another hopeful sign: there’s also a global Fossil Fuel Treaty in the works. This is the stuff we need to be focusing on — not golf scores.

If we intend to survive — and we can! — we have to work together as a planet to stop burning fossil fuels and pointing missiles at each other.

Vicki Elson