June Bedell: What school budget cuts mean to fourth grader

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Published: 06-05-2024 4:39 PM

Modified: 06-05-2024 8:52 PM

I am a 10-year-old kid in fourth grade, who goes to Jackson Street School, and I am against the budget cuts. Kids have so much drama and things to deal and worry about, in life and adding this extra thing to put on their shoulders is not right. Us kids will try to the best of our ability to fix this, but we don’t deserve this, we deserve a way less stressful life.

Kids don’t deserve to be up all night worrying about their teachers leaving and not having good education, we should go to bed happy and not so anxious. The same exact thing goes for the teachers; they are our educators. You could take money away from anyone else but you decide to take money from the educators, our educators. Why?

The teachers should not have to go through the worry of not having their job and not getting a full wage. It makes me so sad to see the money that should be going to our precious educators going to other things that do nothing to help kids learn and thrive. I have an amazing teacher and learning that if there were budget cuts she would not be able to be a teacher of a classroom and teach a class, broke my heart.

My third grade teacher might be leaving and that made me so sad, the experiences I experienced in third grade were very memorable, and knowing I might not be able to visit my third grade teacher when I’m in fifth grade is not fair.

Kids don’t deserve that pain of their teacher leaving. So, in conclusion I’m asking you, please let people donate to the school. We can raise money with sales and we can have fundraisers for our public schools. Children need education and you can’t take that away from us.

June Bedell


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