Donald Torrey: Suggests fixing White Brook Middle School

  • mactrunk

Sunday, September 24, 2017
Suggests fixing White Brook Middle School

Easthampton spent $1 million to do a feasibility study for a new pre-kindergarten through Grade 8 elementary school.

This same building was turned down by the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) the last time the city looked at upgrading its elementary schools. Funny how the city looks at its needs and then the MSBA says the pre-kindergarten through Grade 8 is a very bad idea because Easthampton needs to keep small elementary schools and a new high school. Why then did we form a committee to look at elementary schools?

A new school will raise property taxes. While this increase will hurt all homeowners, it will be especially bad for seniors and disabled people on fixed incomes. Imagine choosing to keep your home and pay the tax increase or going without food and medicine for a month. I would venture to guess that renters will be hurt hard with increases when their landlords are forced to pass the tax increase on to their tenants.

The real question should be: What can we do to fix White Brook Middle School? Almost from the first day it was built, it has been the worst school in the city. Has anyone thought of refurbishing the gym and cafeteria and maybe other portions, and tearing down the rest?

The reason the city’s needs are going unanswered are because the city is listening to the MSBA and going along with its wants that never seem to match our needs.

Donald Torrey