Area property deed transfers, July 22

Published: 7/21/2021 3:36:30 PM


Olga Gealikman to Michael Barrett and Anna Jaysane-Darr, 1360 Bay Road, $389,900

MEH Realty LLC to James Beadle, 170 E. Hadley Road, Unit 117, $128,500

Michael E. Moussa and Jean-Claude Moussa to Daniel P. Cook, 9 Echo Hill Road, $325,009

Phyllis D. Sleigh to Nathan A. Burgess and Carolyn M. Palmquist, 16 Forestedge Road, $451,000

Cedric L. Douglas Jr. to Joseth D. Alvarado, 194 Glendale Road, $305,000

Mary J Ratnaswamy RET and Mary J. Ratnaswamy Tr to Giuseppe Labianca and Karen L. Labianca, 29 Hawthorn Road, $715,000

Guidera RT and Barbara L. Guidera Tr to John T. Wrobleweski, 446 Main St., $550,000

Rosemary Caine-Natensho to David Jilek and Erin J. Spatz, 468 Old Montague Road, $325,000

Sheri A. Lussier and David A. Lussier to Mark A. Mcdonald, 25 Pine Grove, Unit 25, $145,000

Daniel P. Kramer and Deborah J. Timberlake to Debra R. Kolodny, 180 Summer St., $392,000

Doren P. Berge to Elizabeth Antonellis, 19 Webster Court, Unit 19, $185,000

Matthew K. Leitl and Jennifer B. Hughes to Tomas Graham-Black, 279 West St., $290,000


James A. Streeter Jr. and Amanda M. Streeter to Maria DeLaVega and George A. Kaye Jr., 525 Federal St., $275,000

Carol C. Greeley to Carrie B. White and Antone L. White, 141 Oakridge Dr., $435,000

Patricia L. Fuller and Ronald E. Lofland to Martha E. Lofland, 23 Old Pelham Road, $180,000

Donald A. Dubois and James W. Thompson to Kestrel Land T Inc., S Gulf Road, $620,000

Elizabeth A. Adams to Kerry D. Griscti, 86 Sabin St., $475,000

Odet Zulkiewicz to Christopher M. Shelton and Kelly S. Shelton, 55 Sheffield Dr., $487,000

John A. Obrien and Patricia A. Obrien to R A. Zuidema-Blomfield and Michael Blomfield, 11 Sherwood Dr., $365,000

William R. Malmstedt and Dorothy A. Malmstedt to Matthew Lacoille and Chelsea L. Johnson, 597 State St., $328,000

Partyka Partners GP T and Partyka Partners LP Tr to Morgan H. Lavalle and Kelsey M. Lavalle, Stebbins St, Lot 1, $77,500

Partyka Partners GP T and Partyka Partners LP Tr to Morgan H. Lavalle and Kelsey M. Lavalle, Stebbins Street, Lot 1-1, $77,500

Partyka Partners GP T and Partyka Partners LP Tr to Morgan H. Lavalle and Kelsey M. Lavalle, Stebbins Street, Lot 14, $77,500


Mountain Vw Investors L to Betty L. Duprey and Nicholas D. Duprey, 5-7 Briggs St., $450,000

David M. Lepine to Julia Wojciechowski and Elizabeth Holland, Ferry Street, $140,000

New England Remodeling to Lorin Baumgarten and Bethann D. Baumgarten, 10 Hannum Brook Dr., $360,000

Richard A. Beneduce and Lisa M. Beneduce to Plata O Plomo Inc., 145 Holyoke St., $172,500

John L. Hoar and Susan L. Hoar to Ganulin FT and Richard I. Ganulin Tr, 4 Kania St., $405,000

James B. Kirchhoffer to Susan L. Hoar and John L. Hoar, 4 Lazy D Dr., Unit 4, $335,000

Sandra M. Costello and Brett C. Costello to John A. Soler and Megan R. Murnane, 1 Park Ave., $427,500

Lee Frankl to Gonzalo Iribarne, 108 Plain St., $320,000

Melenie F. Flynn and John J. Sefton to Thomas Wibert-Mccanna and Clare N. Mccanna, 28 Winter St., Unit 28, $275,000


Mark R. Liimatainen and Corinne M. Parrett to Mathew Apeseche and Faith Woodside, 696 East St., $400,000

Philip A. Wajda to Weiner Schrader FT and Robert W. Schrader Tr, 22 Westshore Dr., $285,000


FMJ Realty LLC to Andrew Marion and Trina M. Marion, Batchelor Street, Lot 11, $68,750

FMJ Realty LLC to Andrew Marion and Trina M. Marion, Batchelor Street, Lot 12, $68,750

Stella Virchick and Peter Virchick to Perry Mcdonnell and Melissa Gramuglia, 206 West St., $325,000


Bercume Construction LL to Feng Qiu and Guanjun Xie, 16 Crystal Lane, $824,800

Nancy Niedbala to Peter M. Waskiewicz and Marichu O. Waskiewicz, Huntington Road, $18,000

Elizabeth A. Brabec to Amanda F. Sundberg and Aaron M. Sundberg, 47 Knightly Road, $590,000


Melissa A. Hession to Roland C. Carantit and Elena M. Arietta, 36 Bridge St., $732,500

John R. Hogan to Hogan FT and Andrew Hogan Tr, Indian Field, $11,000

Minisci Brenda E Est and Diana M. Appleton to Kenneth W. Como and Kyoko Como, 197 Pantry Road, $475,000


Jackowski James J Jr Es and Katherine M. Jackowski to Plata O Plomo Inc., 198 Allyn St., $165,500

Holyoke Gas&Electric De to Zhang Q. Feifei, Appleton Street, $4,000

Kathleen G. Anderson and William R. Girard to Jonathan D. Engle and Yamira Fernandez-Engle, 35 Clayton Road, $275,000

Jonathan Engle to Alexandra Renna, 13 Cook St, $225,000

Elinor W. Twohig to Cray Realty LLC, 7 Cray Ave., $500,000

Elinor W. Twohig to Cray Realty LLC, 19 Cray Ave., $500,000

Kerry L. O’Reilly to Alexandro R. Ramirez and Blandina Cardenas, 1030 Dwight St., $200,000

Perry Mcdonnell to Richard A. DeJesus-Lope and Ada I. Vincente-Colon, 8 Harrison Ave., $250,000

Alfaville LLC to Rajendra Madi and Manjula R. Madi, 36 Maple Crest Circle, Unit D, $150,000

Ruth N. Vega to Adam J. Munska and Jennifer Bergstrom, 47 Mount Tom Ave., $321,000

Taylor M. Roberge and Samantha Haggerty-Rober to Matthew D. Mayer and Colleen S. Kent, 64 Nonotuck St., $326,000

Elinor W. Twohig to Cray Realty LLC, 1615 Northampton St., $500,000

Holyoke 23-25 School St to Leland M. Alexander, 23-25 School St., $290,000


Hsu-Tung Ku to Shalom J. Kieval and Rena H. Kieval, 20 Bridge Road, Unit 12, $690,000

Anne-Marie Mann and Danielle M. Clough to Amanda K. Sergiy and Heather G. Richard, 207 Brookside Circle, $401,500

Sherry A. Pasternack and Jay M. Pasternack to Jennifer R. Curtis and Aaron M. Steinfeld, 12 Calvin Terrace, $605,000

Karen J. Desalvio and Richard V. Nacca to Laura Leclair, 61 Crescent St., Unit 7, $217,000

Renee A. Benns and Mistinguette Y. Smith to Jose C. Carrasco, 80 Damon Road, Unit 2304, $175,000

Benjamin Dion and Rowena K. Jameson-Dion to 5 Rivers Inc., 80 Damon Road, Unit 4101, $190,000

Kaela Kennedy to Jung G. Lee and Shihyun Kim, 80 Damon Road, Unit 6307, $159,500

Elizabeth A. Tudryn to Joy A. Jolie, 80 Damon Road, Unit 7301, $122,000

Anais Surkin to Julian M. Bazalar, 80 Damon Road, Unit 8110, $121,000

Evelyn A. Santon to Lorelei E. Mclaughlin and Rebecca C. Wright, 14 Day Ave., $487,000

Lisa A. Barry to Michael B. Burnham, 51 Hatfield St., Unit 3, $251,000

Roberta Townsend and Clarice Anderson to Sari Fein and Casey Fein, 62 Ladyslipper Lane, $560,000

Madeline R. Bailly to Melissa Nohelani-Parris and Bo Torleif-Persson, 76 Lake St., $380,000

Michael R. Fuller to Scott D. Gregory and Carol A. Gregory, 7 Longfellow Dr., $601,000

Michael D. Ford and Mary L. Ford to Pamela S. Swing and Martin P. Plotkin, 6 Massasoit St., $585,000

Susan J. Loehn to Shalane Loehn and John Winocur, 2 Matthew Dr., $135,000

Fletcher Judith A Est and Barbara E. Fletcher to Katie Wolf and Angela Hockman, 35 New South St., Unit 209, $275,000

Sunwood Development Cor to James R. Moreau and Thi L. Nguyen, 117 Olander Dr., Unit 2, $469,600

Sunwood Development Cor to Eleanor V. Mclaughlin, 117 Olander Dr., Unit 20b, $489,509

Sunwood Development Cor to Schlack 2011 RET and Mark I. Schlack Tr, 117 Olander Dr., Unit 22, $568,510

Alan Scheinman to Sovereign Builders Inc., 29 Sherman Ave., $200,000

Emmett Leader and Rebecca Schachter to Emily D. Demartino and Camden G. Segal, 108 State St., $625,000

Kathleen C. Hupfer and Richard M. Sullivan to Jeffrey M. Parker, 22 Stoddard St., $440,000

Strong Ave LLC to Citrine Real Estate LLC, 15 Strong Ave., $1,250,000

Arthur W. Sousa to 4 Aces Realty LLC, 107 Williams St., $208,000


Todd M. Florence to Stephanie Rypysc, 434 East St., $240,000

Lydia Petoskey to Rosanna M. Greening and Jeffrey M. Greening, 540 Granby Road, Unit 63, $179,000

Thomas P. Haczynski to Lee A. Haczynski, 26 Midway St., $40,000

David Haczynski to Lee A. Haczynski, 26 Midway St., $26,000

Homes By Leblanc Inc. to Richard D. Gallo and Jacqueline G. Gallo, 86 Park St., $551,350

Ann-Marie C. Jackowski to Prabhat Raut, 26 Shadow Brook Estates, Unit 26, $249,000

Jonathan S. Maxwell to Charlotte A. Maxwell and Jennifer A. Mccarthy, 9 Valley View Dr., $15,000

Michael Theulen to Michael Stefanelli, 41 W. Summit St., Unit 41, $130,000

Big Y Foods Inc. to Crossroads Rlty Hldg LL, 44 Willimansett St., $150,000

Thomas J. Gajewski and Jessica L. Gajewski to Kathleen D. Piotrowski and Christopher G. Kostek, 6 Yale St., $260,000


Leo P&Carol A Dube IRT and Carol A. Dube Tr to Harold A. Butson, 92 Crooked Ledge Road, $115,000

Eric R. Armentrout and Christine J. Armentrout to Tal Shaffar and Kate I. Shaffar, 10 Geryk Court, $535,000

Maxine A. Caouette to New England Remodeling, 127 Middle Road, $170,000


Karen K. Sierakowski and Michael D. Sierakowski to Scott A. Snyder and Deborah L. Snyder, 302 Beaver Lake Road, $505,000

Aaron M. Sundberg and Amanda F. Sundberg to John E. Carroll and Cheryl L. Carroll, 320 Belchertown Road, $402,000

Kristyl Constant to Joshua Berube, 32 Gilbertville Road, $230,000

Tabitha M. Davies to Nicholas Markopoulos, 32 Monroe St., $78,000


Gordon M. Scallion and Cynthia M. Keyes to James S. Pelletier and Christine B. Pelletier, Kings Highway, Lot 1-7, $75,000

Gugenberger Eleanor D E and Joseph H. Gaunt Jr. to Ernest J. Gugenberger, 182 Main Road, $75,000

Joseph A Auger NT and Lynn M. Gormely Tr to Erik Q. Vinh and Lara M. Curtis, 79 Montague Road, $360,000

Arthur E. Belanger Jr. and Andrea R. Belanger to Zhongqi Yuan, 218 North Road, $540,000


Sarissa Markowitz to Robin Paradis-Stern and Carrie L. Diehl, 94 Old Goshen Road, $385,000

Tomasin Whitaker to Courteny R. Morehouse, 18 Williams St., $188,000


Joel G. Lagergren and Kathleen M. Baker to David P. Demary and Grace Demary, 340 Sam Hill Road, $440,000

Jacques C. Lerolland to Brenda L. Fortin, 5 Thrasher Hill Road, $270,000

Franklin County


Paul W. Allis and Brickett Allis to Jessica E. Petersen, 43 Conway St., $329,000

Filion Leasing Inc. to Hamshaw Deerfield LLC, 14 Elm St., $122,400

Filion Leasing Inc. to Hamshaw Deerfield LLC, 16 Elm St., $557,600

Daniel M. Harper and Cara M. Moser to James Perot Land Trust, James Perot, trustee, 74 North Main St., $330,000


Arija Robinson Estate and Christopher Robinson to Stuberovskis Family Trust, Olgerts Stuberovskis, trustee, 112 Shutesbury Road, $219,000


Ayres Hall Revocable Trust, Ayres Hall, trustee, to Matteo A. Pangallo and Nettie A. Pangallo, 138 Locks Pond Road, $444,900

Roberto Alejandro and Carmen A. Rolon to Michael Nolden and Alissa Nolden, 34 Montague Road, $112,000


Christopher R. Bourque and Kristine D. Bourque to Paul R. Miller and Cheryll A. Miller, 286 North Silver Lane, $435,000


Melissa B. Caldwell to Ellen S. Burt, 200 Chestnut Plain Road, $622,000

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