Area property deed transfers, April 8

Published: 4/7/2021 3:20:47 PM


Columbia Realty Income LL to Christopher S. Beach and Andrea Dalton-Murphy, 87 Columbia Dr., $474,100

Resilient Investments L to Ki Y. Lee, 170 E. Hadley Road Unit 55, $140,000

Ling F. Wu to Kevin L. Clark and Jemima Laclair-Clark, 170 E. Hadley Road, Unit 65, $160,000

Yosrex LLC to VA 7 Amherst LLC, 266 E. Hadley Road, $25,600,000

Leslie A. Bestor to Deborah J. Veatch, 15 Jenks St., $287,000

Nicholas E. Stern and Abby M. Stern to Daniel Cook, 137 Logtown Road, $320,000

Denison Corp to W D Cowls Inc., 151 Montague Road, $365,000

Denison Corp. to W D Cowls Inc., 320 Pulpit Hill Road, $365,000

Melanie S. Rose to Kilerine Properties LLC, 58 S. East St., $532,000

Abida Adnan to Stephen A. Fusco Jr. and Nina N. Fusco, 916 S. East St., $577,500


Lynne D. Coleman to Elizabeth D. Martin and Henry R. Martin Jr., 414 Allen Road, $140,000

J N Duquette&Son Const to William H. Bush Jr. and Doris M. Bush, 60 Magnolia Lane, $447,400

Orin L. Bracey and Maryellen Oreilly-Brace to Richard C. Poissant and Sarah F. Poissant, 4 Munsell St., $80,000

Shu-Chen Hsiao and Yuh-Fang Hsiao to Timothy R. Drost and Anna B. Drost, Oasis Drive, $157,500

Judith A. Wattum and Kerri J. Rauschmier to Gary Bosselait and Tracy Bosselait, 40 Ware Road, Unit 13, $189,000


Richard H. Ladd and Margaret E. Ladd to Maya Greene, 87 Bryant St., $222,000

Andrea L. Looney to Laura Dimmler and Robert Giusti, 67 Munson Road, $485,000


Audrey J. Hyvonen and Isaac M. Bromberg to Shelby L. Hyvonen and Seth B. Koen, 62 Briggs St., $265,000

John K. Norris to Christopher J. Wolf and Norman P. White, 35 Groveland St., $337,000

Samuel F. Provo Jr. and Elizabeth G. Provo to Stephanie L. Provo, 13 Knight Ave., $340,000

L E&Lois C Briggs FT and Lawrence E. Briggs Jr. T to Cleo W. Zancope and Daniel E. Gnatek, 12 Paul St., $312,000

J G Farrick Sr RET and Joseph G. Farrick Sr. Tr to Nicole Krauth and Jacob Krauth, 13-15 Pine St., $417,900


Kathaleen A. Emerson and Gary D. Emerson to Leatrice T. Archbald, Hyde Hill Road, $52,000

J&J Behrens Realty LP to Ruger Properties Inc., West Street, $48,000


John Rogers and Lorraine Rogers to Jacqueline E. Swist and Charles S. Shaw, 2 Lakeview Ave., $342,500


Hui Wang and Jianhua Yang to Nicholas E. Stern and Abby M. Stern, 10 Indian Pipe Dr., $715,000

Leonard Szarkowski and Susan Stosz to John J. Stosz and Susan M. Stosz, 30 N. Maple St., $150,000

Green Tree Family LP to Alan StHilaire and Shane Conklin, 229 River Dr., $350,000

Green Tree Family LP to Alan P. StHilaire and Shane Conklin, 231 River Dr., $425,000


Jeffrey J. Murphy to Yasmin I. Santiago, 41 Argyle Ave., $210,000

Gilberto Garcia to Braulio Vega, 63-65 Brown Ave., $295,000

Alfred Shattleroe to Javier Serrano, 47 Chapin St., $275,000

Lisa Bihler-Lyle to Katelyn M. Perchak and Amar R. Bajracharya, 234 Easthampton Road, $365,000

Durand RE Investments L to Rinaldi Pease Acq LLC, 97 Elm St., $160,000

Rescom Mass Invs LLC to Diego Munoz-Torres, 21 Jackson St., $280,000

Clara W. James to Margaret T. Kraus and Rose H. Silverman, 44 Laurel St., $245,000

Alfaville LLC to Nanci A. Neves, 14 Maple Crest Circle, Unit A, $149,900

Water Colon to Walter X. Colon, 33-35 N. Bridge St., $160,000

US Bank NA Tr to Rajin Ramraykha and Sonia Ramraykha, 1466 Northampton St., $270,000

Karl H. Hastings and George C. Yeramian III to Maya A. Gounard, 4-6 Orchard St., $301,700

Maria Serrano to Shellon Williams and Glenn Williams, 158 Pine St., Unit 158, $152,000

Jose M. Figueroa to Ismary Santiago-Lugo, 45 Ridgeway St., $200,000

Rock Valley Enterprises In to Nathaniel Flachs and Charles Flachs, 246-248 Sargeant St., $255,000

Mark S. Dunlap and Scott Dunlap to Mark S. Dunlap,127 Vermont St., $135,000


L H Pomeroy Sr T and James R. Pomeroy Tr to Pamela Anderson, Allen Coit Road, $50,000

Allyson R. Hornstein to Leta Herman and Jaye Mcelroy, 204 Norwich Lake, $298,000

L H Pomeroy Sr T and James R. Pomeroy Tr to Pamela Anderson, Pisgah Road, $50,000

L H Pomeroy Sr. T and James R. Pomeroy Tr to Pamela Anderson, Route 66, $50,000


Sheryl A. Grabon to Jacob B. Drew and Jennifer A. Drew, 246 Chestnut St., $479,000

Joseph Blotnick and Jill Higgins to Amy B. Ben-Ezra and Farnsworth E. Lobenstin, 18 Dewey Court, $505,550

Ina Iansiti and Judith J. Iansiti to Scotia Macgillivray, 17 Fort St., $265,000

Margaret J. Nash to David Tetreault, 330 Haydenville Road, Unit E, $279,000

Robin B. Freedenfeld to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., Unit 2, $210,000

Mark D Immerman RET and Robin B. Freedenfeld Tr to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., Unit 3, $222,000

Robin B. Freedenfeld to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., Unit 3, $220,800

Robin B. Freedenfeld to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., Unit A, $454,000

Robin B. Freedenfeld to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., Unit B, $210,267

Mark D Immerman RET and Robin B. Freedenfeld Tr to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., Unit C, $186,867

Robin B. Freedenfeld to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., Unit D, $196,067

Aethena R. Enzer-Mahler to Madison H. Bishop and Kelsey A. Socha, 55 Milton St., $279,000

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Debra Bercuvitz, 73 Redford Dr., $225,000


Thomas E. Wegman to Nathan H. Stewart, 540 Granby Road, Unit 110, $160,000

J N Duquette&Son Const to Real F. Theroux and Donna D. Theroux, 36 Lyon Grn, $469,900

Knights Of Columbus Bld to New England Drum Union, 110 Main St, $132,000

Skinner Woods LLC to David M. Eufemia and Lauryn E. Lacroix, 4 Taylor St., $292,500


Patrick Properties LLC to Shivesha LLC, 17 College Highway, $2,400,000


1XO LLC to Sarah Barnett and Elizabeth Barnett, 6 Fairfield Ave., $390,000

Vance S. Przasnyski to Northampton City Of, Nash Hill Road, $140,000

Misner Margaret K S Est and Jeffrey S. Penn to John B. Otis and Angela S. Otis, Old Goshen Road, $173,000


L E Zuckerman 2009 RET and Philip W. Zuckerman Tr to Michael J. Shimkus, 66 Parish Road, $195,000


Franklin County


J. Edward Branson to Irene Gionti Branson and J. Edward Branson, 634 Bellus Road, $1 



Kim M. Goddard and Stanley S. Goddard Jr. to Kelley A. Goddard, 661 South Shirkshire Road, $1  

Carol J. Reed and Lester Reed to Adam Reed, 36 Main St., $1 



Carlos E. Allen Estate, Jacobus G. Molenar and Tracy Allen, Personal Representatives and Carlos R. Allen, Todd Allen and Tracy Allen, Individually, to Kathleen Belanger, Wapping Road, $12,000  

Kelley A. Sagan “aka” Kelley Ann Tenerowicz to Jeffrey Brenden Tenerowicz and Kelley Ann Tenerowicz, 14 Hoosac Road, $1  

Rebecca J. Ringle “aka” Beck J. Ringle to Beck J. Ringle, 10 Beaver Drive, No Consideration  

Caryn E. Gardner and Gregory M. Gardner to Cynthia A. Morey and Thomas P. Salter, Sand Gully Road, $1  

Cynthia A. Morey and Thomas P. Salter to Caryn E. Gardner and Gregory M. Gardner, Sand Gully Road, $1  

Caryn E. Gardner and Gregory M. Gardner to James R. Talbot and Nancy E. Talbot, Sand Gully Road, $1 



Ellen E. Edge “aka” Ellen E. Edge, Atty, Sofia S. Ellsberg by Atty & Frank J. Edge Individually to Ryan Castine and Sandi Castine, 4 Hemenway Road, $78,000



Charles H. Dauchy Jr. and Judith A. Weinthaler to Kestrel Land Trust Inc., Chestnut Plain Road, $170,000

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