Area property deed transfers, Jan. 14

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Published: 1/13/2021 1:36:34 PM


Devin R. Tomlinson and Tyler J. Tomlinson to Tanglewood Growth LLC, 3 Emerson Court, Unit 3, $285,000

Mavis C Campbell RET and Valerie J. Vignaux Tr to Munju M. Song and Hasung Song, 5 Emerson Court, Unit 5, $235,000

Jones Properties LP to Cyrus J. Obrien and Emma Nolan-Thomas, 20 Glendale Road, $335,000

Rege Lalita V Est and Sujeta V. Rege-Konowitz to M Anne Kane T and Nathaniel F. Kane Tr, 26 Green Leaves Dr., Unit 632, $252,000

William M. Vannah and Janet E. Slocum to Hannah Sobel, 58 Henry St., $245,000

William Jaffee and Taylor Fey to Sebastian Merrill and Dane Slutzky, 15 Hickory Lane, $487,000

Michael J. Morgan and Nancy F. Rothschild to Daniel H. Reis and Ilana L. Schoenfeld, 26 Morgan Circle, $462,500

Cynthia A. Frado and James W. Walker to Olufolajimi Oke and Tolulope A. Oke, 31 Morgan Circle, $425,000

Kathryn V. Bryne to Shirley Pion, 37 Palley Village Place, Unit 37, $350,000

Ting FT and Agnes C. Ting Tr to Fearing Sunset LLC, 164 Sunset Ave., $485,000

Shlomo Barnoon to Fearing Sunset LLC, 174 Sunset Ave., $589,000

Colleen Osten to Annette B. Geldzahler, 11 Vista Terrace, $589,900


Susan M. Trompke to Jeremy M. Shaw, 12 Blacksmith Road, $295,000

Frederick C. Kielbasa and Suzanne M. Kielbasa to Kevin Bronson and Nicole Bronson, 66 Canal Dr., $347,500

James R. Sheehan and Joan A. Sheehan to Madelene C. Gay, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, Unit 28, $262,500

Summer Hl Ests Dev LLC to Roger H. Beeltje and Ann E. Beeltje, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, Unit 78, $325,000

Rama Development LLC to David Lund and Sonia Lund, 12 Depot St., $308,000

Nancy Lamb to NJRE Property Group LLC, 7 Fletcher Ave., $185,000

Susan L. Surner to Kelly D. Silva, 681 Gulf Road, $408,000

J N Duquette&Son Const to Barry Johannes-Bergen and Joyce Sierk-Bergen, 61 Magnolia Lane, $449,900

Donna Lopatosky to Robert W. Harris and Charlotte R. Simmons, 38 N. Main St., $245,000

Denise K. Dineen to Christopher M. Ronkese and Debbie-Jo Wiley, 35 Oasis Dr., $625,000

Jennifer R. Salander to Enix Zavala, 11 Rita Lane, $249,000

Anne M. Sanders and John P. Sanders Jr. to Robin G. Oey and Edward J. Oey, 6 River St., $280,000

Scott R. Gadoury and Kathleen M. Gadoury to Haleigh Sullivan, 47 Sheffield Dr., $393,000

Gregory Burgess to Ralph Rogers, 29 Sherwood Dr., $301,000


Holly Chamberlin to Michael N. Burgess and Cassandra A. Burgess, 228 Ireland St., $430,000


Jonathan N. Ginzberg and Lisa A. Harvey to Pippi Kessler and Julia J. Skloot, 11 Swift River Road, $488,000


Peter M. Gregg and Barbara A. Gregg to Scott J. Rebmann, 7 Jessie Lane, $288,300

Victoria M. Schofield to Ardeshir Pezeshk, 55 Mount Tom Ave., $336,250

J P&C A Desrosiers RET and John P. Desrosiers Tr to Timothy Mahoney and Joanna Mahoney, 41 Peloquin Dr., $256,000

D&H Prop Management Inc. to Robert C. Parker, 22 Pleasant St., $196,300

Adam J. Dupere to Tolley M. Jones, 41 South St., Unit 50, $180,000

Stanley Kuchyt and Christine Laprade to Lydia I. Bussiere and Sherri L. Schon, 3 Vadnais St., $275,000


Howard L. Paley and Susan Kraft-Paley to Ana M. Rodica-Moise, 72 Ball Road, $365,000


Thomas Herbert and Samantha J. Hawley to Robert S. Seibert and Laurie Carmody, Batchelor Street, $10,000

Scott A. Anderson and Jeffrey Anderson to Michael Rioual, 86 Batchelor St., $250,000

Randy Sefton to Refined Design Homes In, 12 Greenmeadow Lane, $230,000

Joshua Gomez and Stefanie M. Rodriguez to Nathan E. McCarthy and Rachel McCarthy, 145 South St., $332,500


Maryellen M. Fitzgibbon to Sarah K. Khan and Henry J. Drewal, 68 Comins Road, $439,000

Jean A. Vickowski and Donald A. Vickowski to Kathleen M. Iles, 4 Frost Lane, $368,000

Gregory H. Alexander to Jason P. Zabko and Nicole A. Zabko, 11 Woodlot Lane, $649,900


Shirley C. Elliott and Robert L. Elliott to Malia Homebuyers LLC, 11 Alderman St., $121,000

Marietta Shattelroe and Deidre Hall to Margaret A. Kelly, Arbor Way, Unit 12d, $76,500

David Frost and Ronald Frost to Jaime Lopez and Elizabeth Lopez, 41 Bray Park Dr., $259,500

Kathryn F. Hamel to Nikita L. Perez, 100 Brookline Ave., $196,000

Richard M. Shattuck Jr. and Jason T. Shattuck to Robert L. Elliott, 12 Coronet Road, $274,900

Sarah M. Center-Gray to Brandice Rafus-Brenning and Eboni Rafus-Brenning, 61 Fairfield Ave., $378,000

USA HUD to Alycar Investments LLC, 60-62 Gates St., $129,362

Amy E. Drohan and William T. Drohan Jr. to Carlos M. Mogelinski, 42 Granville St., $219,500

Alfano Mary J Est and Judith M. Alfano to Jerry P. Will Jr., 163 Huron Ave, $290,000

Pierre A. Lucas and Pamela J. Lucas to Frank L. Vaissiere and Sabrina C. Vaissiere, 2 Loomis Ave., $283,000

James J. Szalkucki to Dafonte Maple Street LL, Maple Street, $60,000

Kelly L. Hart and Wendy B. Keller to Deborah L. Phoenix, 717 Northampton St., Unit 12, $395,000

Robert W. Cortes to Matthew Andrus, 1455-1457 Northampton St., $255,000

Leblanc Ann M Est and Marie A. Leblanc to Robert D. Leblanc, 87 Ridgewood Ave., $190,000

Nicholas O. Rodriguez and Carolina Pineda-Perez to Adam C. Gutierrez and Rocio Gutierrez, 74 Rugby St., $267,000

Keybank NA to Sofia Carrascal, 32 Saint Kolbe Dr., Unit B, $75,600

George Arthur and Olawunmi I. Ola to Dorota M. Garncarz, 14 Scott Hollow Dr., $305,000


King Barbara B Est and Shelley Steuer to Isaac C. Fleisher & Naomi R. Fleisher, Blackberry Lane, $1,000

Amy J. Sullivan to John Vanasse and Jenny Vanasse, 297 Bridge Road, $300,000

Joseph D. Ashton to Amanda B. Ashton, 12 Drewsen Dr., $190,000

Strong Ave LLC to Taylor Northampton RE 2, 29 Edwards Square, $267,500

Emerson Way LLC to Sovereign Builders Inc., 187 Emerson Way, $145,000

Emerson Way LLC to Sovereign Builders Inc., 214 Emerson Way, $150,000

Karina B. Swenson to Derek C. Grimm and Marika P. Faytell-Grimm, 13 Gregory Lane, $370,000

FHLM to Loom Properties LLC, 31 Laurel Park, Unit 31, $87,000

Michael Marcotrigiano R and Michael Marcotrigiano T to Ashley Nelson and Adam Reid-Nelson, 267 Locust St., Unit 2n, $146,500

Simon D. Halliday and Amy S. Halliday to Kristen Mara and Sophia A. Rice, 135 N. Main St., $375,000

Emerald City Partners L to Patricia L. Lewis, 25 New South St., $289,000

Erin E. Donohue to Sarah E. Field, 69 Overlook Dr., $257,000

Putala Sandra A Est and Sheryl Grabon to Karen M. Pohlman, 7 Park Ave., $236,000


Sheikh Mohammed A Est and Tshering Sheikh to Hamira LLC, 460 Amherst Road, $160,000

Robert A. Bainbridge to Katherine G. Lauffer, 87 Charon Terrace, $245,000

Oak Rdg Custom Hm Bldrs to Amber L. Fitzgerald, 361 East St., $456,000

Jerry P. Will Jr. and Leah Will to Molly A. Pause & Robert J. Pause, 147 Granby Road, $265,000

Scott Family Prop LLC to Emily A. Tebo, 40 Hadley St, $169,000

Sergey Savonin to Natalya Kravchenko, 19-21 Ludlow Road, $390,000

Mountain Brook LLC to J N Duquette&Son Const, 40 Lyon Grn, $120,000

Hanna Garman to Sadia Khuram and Khuram Abbasi, 302 N. Main St., $280,000

Manuel Reyes to Angel Perez and Mariangelis Guzman, 149 Old Lyman Road, $265,000

Susan Mackler and Leslie Odonnell to Kassandra D. Jolley, 115 Pine Grove Dr., Unit 115, $359,900

Jeffrey A. Donais and Margaret E. Donais to Kristie M. Hammer and Hannah Wareham, 56 Ridge Road, $240,000


Jeffrey W. Glaze to Holly T. Gaboriault and Paul J. Gaboriault, 306 College Highway, $462,500


E Balise Pinto T and Edward C. Fisher Tr to Justine W. Barrett-Figu and Grant W. Figura, 3 Kings Highway, $209,000

Gordon M. Scallion and Cynthia M. Keyes to Daniel R. Crouss and Kathryn S. Crouss, 2 Reservoir Road, $69,000


Timothy E. Mimitz Sr. and Donna Mimitz to Peter F. Lafogg and Joan C. Lafogg, 2 Bullard Road, $135,000

Patricia M. Nichols to Priscilla M. Ross, 79 Depot Road, $331,500

Franklin County


Abby J. Boyer “aka” Abby J. Clark and Jason H. Clark to Eli R. Willey, 194 Buckland Road, $199,000 

Arthur P. Pantermehl Jr. to Denis Joseph Chagnon and Rachel Debra Bauer Chagnon, 21 Thayer Road, $272,600 



Ronald Belder and Roberta Garlick to Brian E. Belder and Christine A. Belder, South Part Road, $1 



Robert E. Lord and Sandra Haskell Lord to Catherine Lemay, Samantha Lord and Elizabeth Schaufelberger, 16 Kelleher Drive and 14 Kelleher Drive, $1  

CBC Realty Holding LLC to Landreau Realty LLC, 1 Community Place, $4,250,000. 

Vernon Harrington and Joseph Zurylo to Eight Coates Avenue LLC, 8 Coates Ave., $1 



69 Amherst Road LLC to Darren Pierce and Rachel Pierce, 69 Amherst Road, $374,000



Judith Mayrand to Ann K. Zimmerman Declaration of Trust, Ann K. Zimmerman, Trustee, 211 Russell St., $382,000 



EDS Enterprises LLC to Allison Russo and Gabriel Russo, River Road and Whately Road, $80,000 

Ronald Belder and Roberta Garlick to Brian E. Belder and Christine A. Belder,South Part Road, $1

Ronald Belder to Brian E. Belder and Christine A. Belder, 68 North St., $1 

EDS Enterprises LLC to Allison Russo and Gabriel Russo, 59 River Rd/Whately Rd, $485,000

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