Area property deed transfers, Dec. 3

Published: 12/9/2020 12:10:54 PM


Dorothy A. Baronas to Alexander Pham and Peter Dzung-Pham, 48 Berkshire Terrace, $280,000

Sergey Glebov and Natalia Glebova to Maida B. Ives, 116 Glendale Road, $300,000

Wendy Simpson to Steven Ozcelik and Nuray Ozcelik, 31 Jeffrey Lane, $233,500

Colleen M. Osten to Ionel Halaciuga and Sara J. Spence, 72 Larkspur Dr., $615,000

Ann L. Wood to Charmaine Koo, 35 Logtown Road, $320,000

Kevin G. Miles and Regina B. Canala-Miles to Anant Panwalkar, 24 N. East St., Unit 2, $240,250

Rachel T Mustin T and Sharon Hare Tr to George R. Hoffeditz Jr. and Theresa Murdter-Hoffedi, 1006 S. East St., $450,000

Apple Brook West LLC to Gordon Fowler, 13 Vista Terrace, Unit 7, $150,000


Raymond P. Authier to Andi Services LLC, 6 Crestview Dr., $40,000

Raymond P. Authier to Andi Services LLC, 12 Crestview Dr., $25,000

Stephen M. Delude and Louise A. Delude to Bryan Williams and Andrea Williams, 15 Crestview Dr., $475,000

Summer Hl Ests Dev LLC to Sandra J. Wentworth and N Laurence Miller, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, Unit 60, $315,000

Ruby Realty LLC to Luke Paull, 726 Franklin St., $205,000

James J Hummon RET and James J. Hummon Tr to Carisa C. Rehbein, 34 Juckett Hill Dr., $246,000

Carla L. Brodeur and Gary L. Brodeur to Andre D. Remillard, 17 Maplecrest Dr., $340,000

Melanie S. Lewis to Nichole Lee-Ohearn and Perrell A. Ohearn, 148 Metacomet St., $210,000

Christina E. Anastasovi to Erika L. Grundstrom, 55 N. Main St., Unit 12, $179,900

Richard W. Noble and Nicoleta Olingheru-Nobl to Reid J. Collins, 36 Oakridge Dr., $415,000

Mark A. Keroack to M&G Land Dev LLC, Shea Avenue, $150,000

Silvio Depalma and Lorraine Barbieri to Ron E. Gielgun and Julia S. Feldhaus, 50 Sheffield Dr., $412,000

Carl R. Nolan and Diane M. Nolan to Mary M. Lamica and Janet P. Lavoie, 365 South St., $431,000

Gordon Richards to Andrew Fenton, 345 Springfield Road, $355,000


Charles L. Valencik III and Erin Valencik to Sarah J. Aftab, 7 Bissell Road, $288,275

Helen Steiner-Copp to Victoria A. Lawrence and Pamela G. Lawrence, 702 Main Road, $520,000


Danny L. Bilodeau and Heidi B. Bilodeau to Kenneth Goodrich, Powell Road, $30,000


Easthampton City Of to Kevin C Netto Const Inc., 11 Davis St., $140,000

Michael S. Demarey to Karel S. Rescia, 7 Gaugh St., $245,000

Timothy S. Rogers Jr. to David A. Dembowski and Laurie Hartley-Dembowski, 243 Hendrick St., $325,000

Robert M. Buckingham to Cory G. Larochelle, 6 Pine Hill Road, $379,000

Richard S. Harrington to Naresh K. Patel, 41 South St., Unit 8, $145,000

Jessica Spaulding to Jennifer L. Cotton and Kayla D. Conyer, 13 Water St., $291,000


Axel B. Hellstrom and Lena L. Hellstrom to Serenity Farm NT and William E. Fountain Tr, 121 Amherst St., $266,000

David J. Anderson Jr. and Robert D. StGeorge to Hilary N. Piquette and Michael K. Sawicki, 84 Batchelor St., $383,000

Ann M. StGermain and David R. StGermain to Christina E. Anastasovi and Scott D. Chisholm, 177 Kendall St., $409,000

Edwin J. Feliciano and Chang S. Feliciano to Kelly C. Coelho and Brian Coelho, 131 New Ludlow Road, $301,100


Claire Aniello and Mauro Aniello to Sergey Glebov and Natalia Glebova, 12 Ladyslipper Lane, $512,000

RC Building Inc to Frontage Inc. 305 Russell St., $325,000


Tammy A. Lieber and Peter M. Lingley to Sokham Sing, 170-172 Allyn St., $146,000

Edaron Inc. to Edaron Reh LLC, 100 Appleton St., $1,277,000

Stanley J. Hilton and Sue-Ann E. Hilton to Paul W. Bonatakis, 58 Arthur St., $180,000

John T. O’Connor and Juliann M. O’Connor to Herbin T. Diaz, 69 Beacon Ave., $215,000

Mitchell F. Moskal and Francis J. Moskal to James A. Ryan, 85 Beech St., $90,000

Rafael Alvarado and Jacqueline A. Enriquez to Margaro Crespo, 41 Cabot St., $90,000

Abdulla A. Arman and Marilyn Arman to Amer Ahmed, 18 Canby St., $140,000

Paul R. Laclair and Ellen L. Laclair to Christian Zayas, 1289 Dwight St., $190,000

Susana E. Navarro to Jose D. Membreno-Garcia and Dalila B. DeMembreno, 75 Elmwood Ave., $167,000

Gary Gaudrault to Felipe Morales and Mary B. Morales, 172 Homestead Ave., $260,000

Nilda Wotton to Richard M. Lee, 15 Howard St., $277,500

Michael J. Sullivan to Robert J. Lyons, 1150 Northampton St., $525,000

Dara N. Davignon to Andre Gamble, 39-41 Portland St., $272,000

Pedro L. Ruiz to Frances Martin, 59 Queen St., $220,000

Michelle C. Melikian to Norimar Mercado-Machado, 43 Saint Kolbe Dr., Unit A, $96,000

Ashley R. Lapointe to Dora Cruz, 53 Saint Kolbe Dr., Unit C, $98,000

Mark H. Harrison and Meghan H. Harrison to Theo F. Lefevre and Oliver S. Reitz, 272 Sargeant St., $168,500

Robert J. O’Donnell and Pamela A. O’Donnell to Shannon K. Brisbois, 60 Sherwood Terrace, $216,000

Brian E. Robinson and Rebecca L. Robinson to Rolando Muniz-Lopez, 46 Taylor St., $200,000

Ryan D. Tabb to Jacob D. Champagne and Jennifer L. Bricault, 32 W. Glen St., $231,000


Cory G. Larochelle to Melissa R. Pike and Meagan M. Pike, 21 Goss Hill Road, $227,900

US Bank NA Tr to Go America LLC, 29 Russell Road, $35,480


David C. Atwell and Deanna L. Salvagni-Atwe to Joy H. Mcgaugh and Zachary B. Mcgaugh, 380 Chesterfield Road, $472,000

Tyler E. Boudreau to Sarah Mazza and James Dale, 42 E. Center St., $329,000

Zeichner Melnik FT and Patrick J. Melnik Jr. Tr to Betty J. Blythe, 76 Gothic St., Unit 3, $732,500

Dack FT and Jon N. Roth Tr to Margaretta J. Slezak and Wesley R. Bertrand, 266 Grove St., Unit 10, $182,500

Mark W. Jankowske and Biljana Simikic to Juan D. Rumpf and Sonya E. Rumpf, 17 Hawthorne Terrace, $618,000

Donna M. Bliznak and Ronald J. Tomasauckas to Justin T. Serpone and Angela A. Mcmahon, 5 Highland Ave., $484,500

Amy B. Allison and Nathan G. Allison to Lauren L. Anderson and Heidi D. Anderson, 57 Laurel Park, Unit 57, $195,000

Maia C. Rauschenberg and N Rauschenberg-Shield to Beverly Park and Sheila Derensis, 267 Locust St., Unit 1c, $142,500

Rayane F. Moreira and Alexei Oblomkov to Alberto C. Moreira and Suzana F. Moreira, Lyman Road, Unit 31b, $275,000

Katelyn Smithling-Kopcs to Theodore Q. Hughes and Anne E. Geller, 44 N. Farms Road, $425,000

Donald Rogers and Debbra Rogers to Eve Lytle-Rich, 450 Spring St., $299,900


Edward J. Kaplita LT and Christine Giera Tr to Michael J. Slocum and Judith M. Slocum, 615 W. Main St., $190,000


Vladimir Telelyuyev and Anna Telelyuyev to Jonathan Scully and Jennifer Watkins, 26 Edison Dr., $323,000

Citimortgage Inc. to Jacob Saleh, 5 Enterprise St., $166,500

Roman J. Milos Jr. and Jeannine J. Milos to Jack R. Kearney, 9 Lorraine Ave., $275,000

Sally Granada-Smith to Jacob Woodruff and Alisha Woodruff, 113 Lyman St., $217,000

Frances Rita Barsalou N and Frances R. Barsalou Tr to Roberta A Timmerman RET and Kathleen Fitzgerald Tr, 78 Shadow Brook Est, Unit 78, $390,000

Lynn A. Carboneau to Jeanna Krasin and William F. Krasin, 25 Tampa St., $243,000


RGB Industries Inc. to David A Hardy Contracto, Fitch Farm Way, Lot 7, $138,500

RGB Industries Inc. to Ryan L. King and Amanda V. King, Fitch Farm Way, Lot 8, $138,500

Bellinger Const Inc. to Matthew Malo and Jillian Pena, 1 Halon Way, $459,900

Rebecca A. Fisher to Erin F. Obrien, 4 Hawthorne Dr., $442,900

Robert D. Peloquin and Deborah A. Szenftner to Jonathan P. Labrie and Brenda A. Labrie, Valley Road, $125,000


Katie M. Desantis-Falvo and Gertrude T. Desantis to Joseph A. Routhier, 716 Belchertown Road, $262,000

Joshua A. Bowie and Kelly J. Bowie to Judith Duffy and Brian Oleary, 31 Coldbrook Dr., $345,000

Christine A. Buchanan to Bruce K. Darrah and Debra L. Darrah, 22 Highland St., $269,000

Goodreau James M Est and Pamela M. Hayes to Jared D. Juelke, 60 Morse Ave., $176,000

Charles A Moulton T and Cynthia M. StGeorge Tr to Eric J. Moulton Sr. and Alicia E. Moulton, 33 Sorel Road, $194,600


William H. Truswell and Lynn M. Truswell to Samuel Ostroff and Larissa J. Ostroff, 21 Tob Hill Road, $1,137,000


Robert E. Oconnor to Christopher Barney and Glynis Barney, Kinnebrook Road, $23,500

Franklin County


Mary K. Wigmore and Robert J. Wigmore to Randy J. Gobeil Revocable Trust, Randy J. Gobeil and Michael E. Svelnis, Trustees, 1637 West Road, $174,000

Michael L. Skalski to Joshua Soper and Tatiana Soper, 24 Baptist Corner Road, $467,500


Leopoldo, De La Cruz and Lisa Fortin to Sara Coblyn, 234 Mathews Road, $334,000


Christopher J. Harris Living Trust, Christopher J. Harris, Trustee to Cheryl R. Roberts, 13 Eastern Avenue, $297,075

Diane R. Witkos to Diane R. Witkos Revocable Trust, Diane R. Witkos, Trustee, 18 Juniper Drive, $1

Patricia M. Kicza to Kristen Moriarty and Michael J. Moriarty, Mill River. (no road after river), No consideration


Clifford E. Fonsh and Judith R. Fonsh to Nicole B. Fonsh and Marya H. Fonsh-Mielinski, 45 Long Hill Road, $1


Kestrel Land Trust to Sunderland Water District, Cross Mountain Road/Nebo Road, $272,000

AGT Homes LLC to Andrei Agapov, 152 Russell St., $1

Kyle Ferdinand, Peter Ferdinand and Mario Remirez to Kyle Ferdinand and Mario Ramirez, 304 Plumtree Road, $1

Andrei Agapov and Galina B. Agapov to Galina B. Agapov, 152 Russell St., $654,00


Jawk Inc. to Jayne A. Sullivan, 1 Grey Oak Lane, $110,000

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