Valley Views: Black and Yellow Argiope, Mass Audubon's, Adams Road, Williamsburg

Friday, September 08, 2017

Black and Yellow Argiope

Mass Audubon's Graves Farm sanctuary, Adams Road, Williamsburg

Photograph and text by Georgette deFriesse, Belchertown

I captured this image at Mass Audubon's Graves Farm sanctuary. I was walking in memory of a close friend who passed away; he would have been 61 on that day.

I had been in pursuit of a restless butterfly when I saw this spider. The sunlit dewy web and the beautiful creature at its center immediately grabbed my attention. Just then, the butterfly flew past the web so close that I thought it would get caught. It didn't, but the spider reacted to the butterfly by dropping off its web. One moment the spider was there, the next its little body plummeted to the ground. I've never seen that behavior in a spider before: Did it think the butterfly was a predator?

Rather than wait, I took my walk knowing the spider would have returned to its web by the time I returned. The web wasn't lit quite as stunningly when I came back, but the spider was just as beautiful. Made with a DSLR and a handheld medium zoom lens.

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