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This event is why the word "tolerance" is no longer needed here in Western Mass. We don't just tolerate our gay community, we embrace them, we love them. I am straight but I am a member of the gay community because they are a member of my community. We are all one, united. This is evolution. Let us be a role model for the rest of the world. ...(full comment)

More than 1,000 support gay community at UMass rally, countering five from Westboro Baptist Church

Awww, has the land of butterflies and unicorns finally realized that Noabama is no different than Bush and Cheney? hahahahahahahaha How's that hope and change workin for ya?? ...(full comment)

Town Meetings in Amherst, Leverett to vote on resolutions restricting drones

Oh so true!! Well done!! ...(full comment)

Chalk Talk: Michele Turner Bernhard The “True Grit” of “The American Dream”

Thanks for the flood of phone calls and emails of support from all the old folks who took the time to contact me. I got calls of support on this as far away as Florida! You have to take the good with the bad, I have also received hate mail, personal attacks online and more from people feeling guilty about things they may have done. Those were your choices you made for your own reasons not mine. I also find it interesting that the only comments made to the paper were posted on other people's letters to the editor about my column, not on my page here. You shouldn't be afraid to comment to the person who wrote the article. In fact you can call even me (anything you want). I'm very easy to talk to! ...(full comment)

Peter Smolenski: The oldest family value — caring for one another until the end

I would say some choices are definitely better than others. And I agree anything is better than neglecting the elderly. ...(full comment)

Stephanie Pick: Aging parents letter shows lack of understanding

The writer of this letter obviously works for a nursing home "the writer purports that the only good option for elder care is for adult children to keep their parents at home rather than utilize a nursing facility." I never said this. There are always circumstances and nothing is ever black and white. I'm sorry if I made you feel guilty or something. And for the record I am disabled with very limited income.....yet somehow I can make it happen that my mother who gave me life can stay where she wants and deserves to be. People are so self-centered these days. Forgotten old fashioned family values is not surprise, but very disappointing. Hope your kids don't try and get rid of you and divide up all your stuff, while you could still be living comfortable, happy and very safe in your own home. Seriously good luck to you on that one. I have received calls from as far as Florida from sweet little old ladies thanking me for writing said article. For all the people feeling guilty out there and writing me hate mail, the calls of support more than make up for it. I don't mind. Keeps the conversation going. Hate away! (or lose the guilt some other way) ...(full comment)

Stephanie Pick: Aging parents letter shows lack of understanding

Well said, Mr. Sheirer. And Kudos to Asnuntuck CC for reaching out to community members in a reasonable and appropriate way. ...(full comment)

John Sheirer: The myth of lazy people

Another government employee hack advocating for higher taxes. Surprise surprise surprise. Put him in the column with our brother, the retired doctor from Umass. ...(full comment)

John Sheirer: The myth of lazy people

Thanks Clayton-Jones!! Ruin it for everyone. Now because of you, no one can use the river there anymore. Now, your going to make like miserable for everyone in Conway and still in Deerfield with your so-called "business". ...(full comment)

TransCanada Corp. to move guardrails, reducing parking for tubing, boating near Stillwater Bridge in Deerfield

One other thing that many took issue with, including local law enforcement and and the Governor, was that the Fed Law Officers set up a sort of a corral area, marked "1st Amendment Area" where they tried to force the protesters to stand to protest. The protestors refused. Others commented that "The whole United States of America is a First Amendment Area." These supporters of Bundy were ranchers, veterans, friends and neighbors, militia members from all over. It was disputed as to if the Government owns the land or the County in Nevada where the land is. More news on it at "INFOWARS.com" ...(full comment)

In spat with rancher, feds release cattle gathered in Nev. roundup

Much more info on this on the internet and the local TV Station in Nevada, KTNV.com. It was a lot more than a "Spat". There is evidence that Harry Reid was behind this trying to run this rancher off the land his family has used for about hundred years. BLM first said it was about protecting some turtle, then about unpaid fees but now evidence has been reported that shows Harry Reid may have been involved in a plan with the Chinese to put a huge solar farm there, and make a bundle off it. People came from all over, even as far away as New Hampshire to help Bundy. His son was tasered. Another female family member was thrown to the ground. One guy was bitten by a police dog. One reporter said he heard a Federal Law Enforcement Officer threaten to shoot one protester if he came any closer when getting the cattle back but the guy just rode on by anyway. Militia units from all over showed up to face off with the Fed. police. Feds gave up and left. May be just the beginning of showdowns with "authority" around America as people in Ct. and NY have refused to follow new gun laws enacted in those states that only punish the law abiding. Google" Ct. gun law protests "and you can see what's happening over our boarder that has not been reported much, if at all here. Could be an interesting summer for people claiming some of their rights back. ...(full comment)

In spat with rancher, feds release cattle gathered in Nev. roundup

None of us, from the limited words we have shared here, can assess and judge others' choices about how we have gone about caring for our aging parents. It is not just about now, but about our lifetime with our parents and siblings. I have learned so much from the experience of others, as well as the decade of caring for my mother at a distance. I hope our insights will help us as we move towards our own days of being cared for. ...(full comment)

J.M. Sorrell: Raises questions about caring for aging parents

wow he should pay the state for the three hot s and a cot ...(full comment)

Link between job and child pornography key in public pension case for former Amherst teacher Ronald T. Garney