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Probably the same probability that someone would bomb the Boston Marathon or fly planes into the WTC. Since there are about 6 billion impoverished people in the world lets have open borders and let all and any who can fly or walk to this country in. Haven't you ever heard of legal immigration? Stop making it comfortable for those people to come here illegally. Its wrong that the mayor is making N'ton a sanctuary city. You certainly cannot deny that drug gangs are coming in over the border and crimanl elements. Just look at whats going on in Mexico. The coutnry is a basket case. ...(full comment)

Northampton Mayor Narkewicz will sign executive order prohibiting police from turning over illegal immigrants

gary, that's highly unlikely. I've tutored immigrants who take English courses in Northampton, and they're wonderful people who happen to have had the misfortune of being born in impoverished countries, the luck and fortitude to come to the US to find work and help their families, and the great good fortune to work with caring people in our community who welcome them, teach them English, take care of their medical problems, etc. The great "terrorist threat" is something that corporate-owned media uses to divide groups of people and keep us all living in fear. As the business of corporations is to exploit resources all over the world, it's in their interest to keep people from seeing each other as human beings. ...(full comment)

Northampton Mayor Narkewicz will sign executive order prohibiting police from turning over illegal immigrants

Very proud of our community and of Mayor Narkewicz for taking this stand. Immigrants are far more likely to be the victims of crime than the perpetrators of crime, and everyone should be able to feel safe coming to the police. Thank you to Just Communities, Iglesia Quechua Bautista Nueva Vida, and First Churches! ...(full comment)

Northampton Mayor Narkewicz will sign executive order prohibiting police from turning over illegal immigrants

ACCORDING TO NBC NEWS: Most of the weapons fired from Gaza are locally made “Qassam” rockets, named after the al-Qassam Brigades. These range from the 2-foot, 7-inch Qassam-1, which can travel no more than three miles, to the 8-foot Qassam-4 which can cover up to 10 miles. “It is not so complicated to build a crude rocket,” Inbar said. “You need metal parts, some kind of solid fuel which you can get from agricultural products, and then you need explosives – maybe by re-using old landmines.” He added: “These are not missiles, they are not guided. They are just rockets.” ...(full comment)

Mary Kenny: Horrified that someone burned synagogue’s flag

Say it, Matt -- you want the state to spend $150 million to build a new stadium! While tuition is still one of the highest in the country. While we're down 200 faculty from where we were 20 years ago, with five thousand fewer students. Yup -- what we really need, to show our "commitment" to football is a new stadium. ...(full comment)

Matt Vautour: New football building needs to be first step for UMass, not its final destination

National Suicide Prevention Hotline- 1-800-273- TALK (8255) Caller will be directed to local crisis center in your area anytime 24/7. ...(full comment)

Lessons of stigmas, stereotypes in Williams’ death

Too bad, that could have been a nice spot for a local business. ...(full comment)

Florence Subway franchise owner Matthew Baca to open new restaurant in downtown Northampton

A National Alliance on Mental Illness of Western MA FREE Family to Family Course will be offered starting September 6 from 9am-11:30 am on Saturdays.. pre-registration is required..space is limited. The course is for family caregivers and friends of individuals with a severe mental illness that discusses the clinical treatment of these illnesses and teaches the knowledge and skills to cope more effectively. Please call 413-786-9139 to register to learn more visit www.namiwm.org ...(full comment)

Treating depression

"the error I included in my resume"? YOU LIED! Pure & simple. And you LIED to the State of Massachusetts you idiot! There should be criminal charges brought against people that LIE on a State Applications. You people are unbelievable! ...(full comment)

Exec director of company planning to open Northampton medical marijuana shop resigns over inaccurate resume

Appalling is that these people are allowed to enter the US unscreened. ...(full comment)

'It’s appalling people...are being denied attorneys' Bar group sending Northampton lawyer to New Mexico to help immigrant children

"Their rockets are homemade and ineffective. They are more a protest than a weapon." You have no idea what you are talking about, these are "Russian Grad" 122mm rockets. Each rocket carries a 44lb warhead and has a kill radius of 92 ft. Please stop talking your inaneness is ruining the surrounding chakra or something. ...(full comment)

Mary Kenny: Horrified that someone burned synagogue’s flag

Perhaps you were too busy with your vacation plans to notice that there was a war, or more accurately, a massacre going on. Israel was dropping bombs and firing tanks at wall-in occupied people. The Israeli "Defense" Forces were bombing people with no army, no navy and no air force. Again, the people of Gaza are OCCUPIED people. They have been refugees since 1948 when the Zionists invaded their land. They have endured Israeli brutality for 70 years. Just before the recent month long massacre, while you were busy with your travel agent, Israeli soldiers rounded up 900 Palestinian men in a crime against humanity they call "arbitrary detention". Then they invaded Gaza and killed two men. This is all before the Palestinians fired the first of their ineffective homemade rockets. Those rockets are not weapons, they are protests from a walled-in people. While you were busy buying clothes, the rest of the world was watching the massacre on television. While you were making hotel reservations, the rest of the world was reading of surveys of Israelis which showed overwhelming support for the massacre and surveys of American Jews showing overwhelming support for Israel. After your trip, you came home and tried to portray yourself as the "victim". Next time you contact your travel agent, why don't you make plans to visit the West Bank and Gaza? You might gain insight and compassion. Such a change in perspective might have such an impact on you that you have to take a leave of absence to process the new information. In the long run, however, it will make you more complete. It might even make you a social worker. ...(full comment)

Sara Weinberger: A visit to family home the Holocaust took away

Cathy, I would say that by now, any reasonably attentive reader of the comments to the Gazette should be more than adequately familiar with your litany of complaints about Israel, and that further unreadably long comments, each coming hard upon the heels of the last, and triggered by the slightest provocation, would cast doubt on the writer's equanimity more than they would change any reader's mind. If you wanted to make a persuasive addition to the heated debate on this issue, perhaps a calmer, better-reasoned approach would be more beneficial. ...(full comment)

Mary Kenny: Horrified that someone burned synagogue’s flag