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I'll tell you what but Southampton has recently been giving Easthampton a run for their money. ...(full comment)

David West: Four points made about immigration crisis

A quick response to Dave's four points: 1) Referring top people as being ignorant about returning children to their 'home' country is a little harsh. A person may disagree with your opinion without being considered an idiot, uninformed as to why the sudden influx of children across our Southern border. 2) Bad comparison to a neighbor's house, Dave. Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are not neighbors but in the proximity thereof. Any proof that these countries are committing human rights violations on their citizens has not been shown, and if such was the case, why isn't the entire population )parents of these children included) seeking refuge in the US. 3) Seems logical to me that the parents of children in, say, Botswana, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Ukraine et.al, would surely feel the same way. Shouldn't we put out the word to have ALL their children come here as well? Shouldn't we accept all the children living in poverty the world over come here. Imagine the cost of providing services to all these poor people. But I'm sure you wouldn't mind paying higher taxes to support them, would you Dave. Or am I just being 'ignorant.' 4) A land of plenty didn't get this way by over stressing its healthcare system, it's educational system, or it's justice system. We have NO idea what diseases these children have. We have NO idea how many belong to the horrific gang known as MS-13. We have NO idea if terrorists have infiltrated the ranks of these children. You make no mention of these concerns in your article. Who is it exactly that's being ignorant. I know you're not an ignorant man, but before you write an article larded with emotional content, you may want to include some facts in your presentation of humanitarian goodwill. ...(full comment)

David West: Four points made about immigration crisis

It is not humane to kill an animal in any way, and kosher and halal ritual slaughter, while I agree is cruel, other slaughter methods are also cruel. Best for folks to wean themselves off meat and open up to the delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine that awaits them. ...(full comment)

Jasmine Caruk: Looking for action from Rosenberg on animal bill

snicker snicker.... gotcha ;-) ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

"at near" Pulaski park? C'mon editors! ...(full comment)

Silas Kopf: Why are barrels still only solution at near Pulaski Park

If you REALLY didn't care, you probably wouldn't have posted anything, you silly little self-made victim. ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

Has Amherst stepped up to the plate and asked to take in a few thousand of these kids? I haven't heard of any town groups demanding a special town meeting yet. I guess they are too busy organizing the pipeline ban and jacking up the minimum wage. I guess thats why we think Amherst is a racist town since they ignore the problems of these minority kids. Anyway - it looks like a few thousand will go to Chicopee after all thanks to the gov. And thats just over the mountain from South Amherst. Maybe they and their families will be settled somewhere near Atkins in the end. Lots of agricultural land for them to work on in that area. I just wish Amherst or Northampton would do the progressive thing and ask for a plane load or two. ...(full comment)

Democrats float $2.7B bill on child migrants

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140302214907/cookieclicker/images/0/01/Who_cares.jpg ...(full comment)

Cambodian lawmaker released following arrest, protests

When South African apartheid ended, they had a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Calling for love without truth is nonsense. The truth is there were virtually no Jews in Palestine for almost 2000 years. The Jewish migration from Palestine to the trading centers of Europe began before the time of Christ. Browse through the New Testament, read about the travels of Paul of Tarsus and look at where his letters are addressed. Read a history book, by 135 AD, there were virtually no Jews in Palestine and that absence continued for 1810 years. Even after Jews were invited into the Turkish empire after the expulsion from Spain, they settled in other centers of the Turkish empire and prospered there, but few settled in Palestine. By 1900, there were still almost no Jews in Palestine. What happened to the Palestinians in 1947 and 48 was not a partition; it was an invasion. Golda Meir was a war criminal. Jews have to face up to this fact. If they cannot or will not face up to this fact; there will never be peace. The rest of the world knows this. Thanks to the internet, the Lobby is even losing its grip on the American people. In the long run, Jews, must offer an apology and compensation to the Palestinians if they want to hang on to any portion of the land of Palestine. The Jews have demanded and are still receiving compensation from the Germans, but they have never given a nickel of compensation to the Palestinians. It is as if money means more to Israel and its supporters than peace does. The settlements mean more to Israel and to its supporters than peace does. And the ethnic cleansing of Palestine is Israel's ultimate goal. Your talk of "love" while land grabs are still going on ridiculous. It is the ultimate hypocrisy. In the short run, controlling the narrative has been very advantageous to the Israel. In the long run, it is not an eye for an eye; by focusing only on their own propaganda, Israel and its supporters are blinding themselves. ...(full comment)

Sara Weinberger: Loving our way out of Mideast war

Another question to ask... why didn't the representative of MassDOT say anything about the "camp train" when he made his presentation to the Northampton Passenger Rail Advisory Committee on June 18th? Don't be surprised if the camp train is still there next week. The Norfolk Southern crews as of today have "only" made it as far as Hatfield as of today. (they started working south from Greenfield on July 7th). They need to get to Springfield before their part of the project is done. The next surprise... the limited amount of available parking for rail passengers at the location where the Northampton station platform will be built to the south of Union Station. ...(full comment)

Wishing that train would leave the station

"Should our society continue to view death as a failure and, thus, distinctly un-American?" I would like to know in which "society" President Pasquerella lives. This is the first I have heard of death being considered "un-American." I reject this characterization of my fellow citizens, especially those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, and resent the implicit slur against Americans who take pride in their citizenship. ...(full comment)

The Dignity Project: Mount Holyoke President, medical ethicist, Lynn Pasquerella: A challenge to idea that death is un-American

Anybody that doesn't believe in gun ownership, feel free to put a sign up in front of their home stating that. I'm sure that will solve all their problems... ...(full comment)

What the Second Amendment intended

There will only be peace when the Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist. Hamas is an integral part of the Palestinian Govt, and is focused on the extinction of Israel. Israel has the right to defend itself, and it looks like it's doing a darned fine job... ...(full comment)

Israel invades Gaza