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This event is why the word "tolerance" is no longer needed here in Western Mass. We don't just tolerate our gay community, we embrace them, we love them. I am straight but I am a member of the gay community because they are a member of my community. We are all one, united. This is evolution. Let us be a role model for the rest of the world. ...(full comment)

More than 1,000 support gay community at UMass rally, countering five from Westboro Baptist Church

Awww, has the land of butterflies and unicorns finally realized that Noabama is no different than Bush and Cheney? hahahahahahahaha How's that hope and change workin for ya?? ...(full comment)

Town Meetings in Amherst, Leverett to vote on resolutions restricting drones

Oh so true!! Well done!! ...(full comment)

Chalk Talk: Michele Turner Bernhard The “True Grit” of “The American Dream”

There was enough buzzwords in that letter to cross your eyes. Bottom line - the State tax revenues are down as much if not more than the town. Money spent with State grants to build fish ladders, million dollar bike bridges and the like are part of the reason. Easthampton, as much as any other town, needs to learn to live within it's means. Coming up with innovative ways to save money, increase efficiency, and prioritize services is a very healthy start. I hope that this group can focus on reducing costs over increasing funding. All city funding comes from taxpayers - and the taxpayers have had enough! ...(full comment)

Jackie Brousseau-Pereira: A call for united effort to improve Easthampton

Congratulations on the the UMass College Republicans for celebrating diversity and freedom by bringing John Ashcroft to campus! John Ashcroft is an American patriot who played an instrumental role in protecting the American homeland in the wake of the Al-Qaeda attacks. The spoiled brats at the event, who are intoxicated on leftist Anti-American ideology, lacked any respect for intellectual discourse and academic freedom. Thus, they tried to shout down Mr. Ashcroft and deny intelligent students the opportunity to hear Mr. Ashcroft as well as ask tough questions. The spoiled brats are not "activists", but are brutish thugs who deny the rights of others to listen, learn, and engage in academic interchange with a distinguished speaker. Ironically, these thugs demonstrate that the far left in this country are intolerant and illiberal. Indeed, the more they shout down the speaker the more moronic they appear. I have great pride in the student volunteers at UMass who have pride in their university community and actually add to the diversity and intellectualism of the campus. Thanks also to the police officers who have the unpleasant job of removing these leftist brownshirts. These anti-intellectual thugs should be suspended from school for denying the other students the right to hear a speaker. If these thugs are from off-campus, they should be subject to a no-trespassing order. The free speech rights of Mr. Ashcroft and the College Republicans cannot be undermined by the criminal behavior by the anti-intellectual thugs who shout people down. The UMass Amherst community is fortunate to be blessed by free and independent thinkers who bring a pro-liberty message to campus. ...(full comment)

With UMass talk overrun by activists, John Ashcroft answers questions from audience on the Patriot Act, torture

Crowley could report much more on this topic. Finally a new auditor (not Scanlon anymore, thank God) and a new treasurer bring these issues to light. ...(full comment)

Audit identifies problems with financial controls in Hatfield

Theresa, not even remotely correct. ...(full comment)

Photos, videos, live updates from today's #UMassUnited demonstration in support of the LGBTQ community

Just so you are aware Gary, the Tea Party, and its conservative members, are the ones who first used the term "tea bag" as a verb, and began referring to themselves as teabaggers. It wasn't until others pointed out the slang meaning, that those who used the nickname to refer to themselves, tried to rid themselves of it. They realized they had become the butt of a joke, but it was too late. Now, you're stuck with it. And I can assure you, the slang-term is absolutely NOT homophobic, so you can stop trying to play that card. ...(full comment)

Photos, videos, live updates from today's #UMassUnited demonstration in support of the LGBTQ community

They may be a hate group or not but it is protected free speech (they claim they are just invoking their religous beliefs so who knows if its hate speech or their religous faith that compels their viewpoint). I do know we will never get anywhere without free speech (hate or otherwise). Let the light of day shine on these people for everybody to evaluate their message and reject it or not. The answer to bad speech is more speech, not censorship. Also I would ask people to refrain from the homophobic term tea bagger when referring to the tea partiers. Its negative connotation comes from homophobia. Some people still throw that word around as an insult with impugnity. ...(full comment)

Photos, videos, live updates from today's #UMassUnited demonstration in support of the LGBTQ community

Thank you, I did read Mr. DiBartolo's column (this is Steve Herrell responding), and I think he nit-picks at just one of hundreds of studies concluding an early start time is detrimental. For example, the Minnesota study looks at grades from different courses by different teachers, but the study at the U.S. Air Force Academy involves the same courses taught by the same professors, and therefore has much more credence about very significantly higher grades from students who start their day later with later first classes. Why didn't he mention that study? There are similar studies right here in Massachusetts. I was glad to read that you were an advocate for a later start time. Sometimes it takes a very long time to effectuate an important change. Thomas Edison said, "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up." ...(full comment)

Steve Herrell: School start-time issue in Northampton will not just fade away

Mixed feelings. Proud of the UMass community for standing strong in support of the LGBTQ community! But really, WBC is allowed to park at the side of the road (which usually is not allowed in that area) under police protection and protesters are not even allowed to block their hate speech from plain view??? The blocking tactic worked in many other places but it looks like the UMass administration purposefully channeled the LGBTQ support rally as far away as possible from the hate group to avoid any confrontation. Is this how the administration shows support for the LGBTQ community? ...(full comment)

Photos, videos, live updates from today's #UMassUnited demonstration in support of the LGBTQ community

It seems like another reporter would do more good than another editor. ...(full comment)

Pulitzer Prize winner Jeff Good to join Gazette, Recorder in new executive editor position

It's very nice that the Lutheran Church supports the Survival Center and it's very nice that Rev. Steve Wilco took the time during Holy Week when he is especially busy, to write in support of the Survival Center bus stop. I would like to mention a proposed bus change that is in even more urgent need of attention. The proposal calls for the elimination of the #37 Amity shuttle bus and replacing it with a bus that will only run during daytime hours and only on weekdays. Even worse, the new bus, the proposed #33 bus will not service East Pleasant Street below Eastman Lane. That will leave two low income, elderly and disabled apartment complexes unserved. (Currently the campus shuttle, the #34 bus goes up East Pleasant Street, but only when UMass is in session). The people residing on East Pleasant Street are not as well organized as the Survival Center is, but they need our help just as much. Please call the PVTA at (413) 732-6248x242 to leave a comment up to 3 minutes long, or email comments@pvta.com. You might also want to write to Town Manager John Musante at Amherst Town Hall, 4 Boltwood Ave. Amherst, Ma 01002, or email townmanager@amherstma.gov. ...(full comment)

Steven Wilco: Urges PVTA to add Survival Center stop